Tori, an 18-year-old cat, was abandoned outside the Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter in South Carolina with a sad note attached to her crate. You’ll never believe what these people wrote.

The note said that Tori had trouble using the litter box and had an overgrown toenail. Her previous owner, who had a newborn baby, couldn’t take care of her anymore.

The shelter staff were determined to help her find a new forever home.

Luckily, the shelter staff took Tori to the vet, got her toenails sorted out, and updated her vaccines. They were hopeful that someone would adopt her soon.

And guess what? It worked!

After sharing Tori’s story on Facebook, many people showed interest in adopting her. Soon, she found her new dad, Dan, who sent the shelter a heartwarming note: “We are so happy to tell you that Tori has used her litter box 3 times! She seems to be much happier this morning!”

The staff at the Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter were thrilled that Tori found her forever home, saying “She is very sweet and just like every other animal in this shelter we will do everything we can to help her. But being a shelter we can only do so much.”

And that’s the story of how Tori, the sweet senior kitty, found a loving new home. It just goes to show that no cat is ever too old to find happiness!