Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Typically, experts advise that the majority of cats remain indoors. This helps to secure the safety of your cat while also being the safest option for the surrounding wildlife. Your cat could be hurt by a variety of external hazards, including cars and predators. Indoor cats, however, don’t always get the exercise they require. In addition, indoor cats may graze more frequently because their food is always available. Because of this, you might want to think about feeding your cat premium indoor cat food.

All indoor cat feeds are not created equal, though. They differ greatly from one another. As a result, you should carefully assess which food may be best for your cat. To assist you in making your decision, browse over our reviews of the top dry cat foods for indoor cats below. One of the best dry cat foods for indoor cats is Purina. This Purina formula is by far the finest choice for the majority of cats. Salmon is the first ingredient in this dish, which has extraordinarily high protein content. Omega-fatty acids, which are essential for your cat’s skin and coat, are abundant in salmon.

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1. Best Overall: Purina Beyond Simply Indoor Salmon Cat Food

Salmon is also healthier for cats with dietary sensitivities than other meats. Additionally, there are no grains and few ingredients in this recipe. Because of this, it is fantastic for sensitive kitties. This dish contains less fat and calories than others because it is specifically made for indoor cats. Therefore, cats that prefer to lounge around all day benefit the most from this mixture.

Purina Beyond Simply Indoor Wild-Caught Salmon

  • includes a lot of protein
  • The first ingredient is salmon, which contains omega-fatty acids that support healthy skin and fur.
  • For some cats with food sensitivities, salmon is preferable.
  • Grain-free
  • It is the best option for indoor cats who get minimal exercise because it contains fewer calories and fat.

2. Best Wet Food: Wellness CORE Indoor Chicken Cat Food

In this dish, the first two ingredients are chicken and chicken liver. These nutrients offer your cat the lean protein it needs to flourish. Instead of using water, this company substitutes chicken broth, which has a better nutritional value. Also featured are turkey and turkey broth. This meal contains a lot of peas despite lacking grains. When considering the protein composition of this dish, take in mind that these vegetables are high in protein.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor Chicken and Chicken Liver Recipe

  • High moisture levels in wet food can help avoid UTIs and other health problems.
  • Cats who eat wet food feel fuller for longer, which helps them consume fewer calories and fewer snacks.
  • Chicken and chicken liver are the first two components, providing the lean protein your cat needs.
  • To increase the nutritional value, this manufacturer uses chicken broth rather than water.
  • Grain-free

3. Best for Kittens: Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Kitten Chicken Recipe

Given that they are still growing, kittens require particular diet. As a result, it’s crucial to give your kitten cat food until it stops growing. This food was created by Blue Buffalo especially for indoor kittens. High concentrations of essential nutrients, such as DHA, are present. This food’s initial few ingredients are chicken and chicken liver. They are rich in protein, which your kitty needs to grow and thrive. Instead of water, chicken broth is listed, boosting the cat food’s nutritional value.

Additionally, this product is free of cereals, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy. As a result, this diet is effective for cats who are sensitive to these issues.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Kitten Chicken Grain-Free

  • formulated to satisfy the specific dietary requirements of indoor kittens
  • contains significant amounts of DHA and other important minerals.
  • Chicken and chicken liver are used to make this dish, which has a high protein content.
  • free of soy, corn, wheat, cereals, and gluten. Seniors’ preferred: Wholesome Essentials by Nutro Recipe for chicken with brown rice

4. Best for Seniors: Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

One of the best dry cat meals for older indoor cats is Nutro. You might want to have a look at this Nutro recipe if your senior cats are starting to act their age. It has significant quantities of antioxidants and taurine, which may help fend off some more prevalent age-related illnesses. For instance, taurine is essential for maintaining heart function, but as cats age, they often don’t get enough of it.

The first two elements in this formula are chicken and chicken meal. Because lean chicken makes up the majority of this dish, it has a high protein level. Oxidative stress, which is linked to numerous diseases, is prevented by antioxidants. We appreciate that there are no GMO components in this dish. In order to decrease the likelihood of recalls and production errors, this company buys its materials from reputable vendors.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Senior

  • includes significant amounts of antioxidants and taurine, which may protect against various age-related disorders.
  • Meat from chicken and chicken are the first two ingredients.
  • There are no GMO ingredients in this high-protein recipe.
  • Because Nutro only purchases ingredients from reputable vendors, the likelihood of recalls is lower.

5. Best for Hairballs: Blue Buffalo Adult Indoor Hairball Control

One of the best dry cat meals for indoor cats is Blue Buffalo. It can assist in removing hairballs in cats, including outdoor cats. But for indoor cats, this treatment expressly prevents hairballs. It has a lot of lean protein and starts with deboned chicken as an ingredient.

This mix has a lot of fiber to avoid hairballs. This substance facilitates your cat’s digestion, which helps control hairball formation and may help prevent them. Omega-3 fatty acids are also included, which enhance the health of the skin and coat.

This recipe, like many Blue Buffalo recipes, calls for LifeSource bits. These tiny pieces contain a variety of vitamins and antioxidants to keep your cat healthy. They don’t, however, particularly contain anything that you can’t get in other dog foods.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball and Weight Control

  • Combat hairballs
  • Natural sources are the source of fiber.
  • Grain-free
  • Animal sources provide the majority of the protein.

6. Best Premium Choice: Acana Indoor Entree Adult Dry Cat Food

One of the best dry cat meals for indoor cats is Best Premium Choice. We suggest this Acana supplement as a top pick for individuals on a tight budget. It has a lot of meat in it, starting with chicken meal and deboned chicken. Additionally increasing the protein content are herring, chicken fat, and deboned rabbit. This recipe contains a lot more meat than others, which contributes significantly to its high price.

High quantities of nutrients in this meal may help your cat’s health. For example, this formula contains L-carnitine, which could aid in your cat’s maintenance of a healthy weight. Additionally, taurine, EPA, and DHA are present. The addition of omega-3 fatty acids is fantastic. The health of your cat’s skin and coat is enhanced by these fatty acids.

The cost is the one significant drawback to this dish. Nevertheless, this cuisine has a lot of protein and animal meat in it. Paying for the better ingredients is necessary.

ACANA Indoor Entrée Adult Dry Cat Food

  • contains a lot of meat, starting with chicken meal and deboned chicken. includes deboned rabbit, herring, and chicken fat as well. includes L-carnitine, which could aid in keeping your cat’s weight in check.
  • Omega-fatty acids, taurine, EPA, and DHA complete the nutritional profile.
  • The only drawback is the cost, but you are paying more because the ingredients are better.

7. Best Budget Option: Purina ONE Indoor Advantage

One of the best dry cat feeds for indoor cats and a well-known budget brand is Purina. However, it has a lot of protein and other nutrients. The brand is among the safest ones available due to its low recall rate. As a result, even if this food is less expensive, it is still of great quality and a good choice for the majority of cats.

This recipe was developed especially for indoor cats. It has a lot of lean protein with turkey as the main ingredient. It has less fat, which benefits cats that have a hard time keeping their weight in check. Additionally, this formula has a lot of fiber, which helps your cat’s digestion and avoids hairballs.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat

  • Food includes relatively high levels of protein and nutrients despite its low price.
  • specially formulated for indoor kitties
  • The main component is turkey. has a decreased fat content, which aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight in cats. includes a lot of fiber as well to aid in healthy digestion and avoid hairballs.

8. Best for High-Energy Cats: Solid Gold Let’s Stay in Chicken Dry Cat Food

Indoor cats might vary in their attitude. Some people can be quite animated and fun. We advise using this remedy on those felines. Despite being created especially for indoor cats, it does not have less fat or calories than other indoor formulae. It has a lot of fiber, which prevents hairballs. Additionally, probiotic support controls your cat’s digestive tract and might benefit cats that have minor digestion issues. Probiotics are beneficial for many cats, but it can be challenging to find cat chow that contains them.

There are no contentious ingredients in this food, such as soy, wheat, or maize. Instead, the recipe mainly favors meals made with chicken and turkey. Included are also foods that provide energy quickly, such as lentils and peas.

Solid Gold Let’s Stay In with a Chicken, Lentil, and Apple Grain-Free Indoor Cat

  • designed for energetic indoor cats
  • Like many other diets for indoor cats, the recipe does not have fewer calories or fat. contains a lot of fiber to stop hairballs.
  • The digestive system of your cat is regulated by probiotic assistance. excludes corn, wheat, and soy.

Choosing the Best: What to Look for

When selecting indoor cat food, there are several factors to take into account. Since each of these recipes is unique, not all of them will be effective for your cat. Considerations for brand, pricing, life stage, nutrition, and calorie content are all essential. Let’s examine each of these elements individually.


To thrive, cats require specialized nutrition. They must consume a lot of meat that is rich in protein and amino acids to thrive because they are obligate carnivores. They can only get many of the nutrients they require from meat, like taurine. Therefore, cat meals with a high meat content are usually the best. Naturally, the type of protein is also important. All sources of protein should be identified. Although “chicken” and “beef” are excellent choices, “meat” won’t do.

Calorie Content

Compared to outdoor cats, indoor cats often move less. They frequently struggle with excessive weight gain as a result. For this reason, several indoor formulae have fewer calories. However, not all indoor cats fit this description. Many indoor cats are always active and require more calories. As a result, in this situation, you must select an indoor formula without reducing calories.

Life Stage

Cats don’t always require the same nutrients. Simply because they are developing, kittens need different nutrition than adults do. A cat’s nutritional requirements alter over time, as you might expect. As a result, you might need to alter their diet as they become older. Pick a kitten formula if your cat is still growing. Older cats may benefit from senior cat food, whereas adult cats require an adult formula. However, depending on their present condition, not all cats need senior food.


The cost of various cat meals varies greatly. Cat food is available for as little as $3 per pound and for as much as $20 per pound. Fortunately, most cats thrive on food that falls in the middle of the price range. You don’t want the cheapest food available because it is priced that way for a purpose. You must, however, keep your budget in mind. Like the one we described in our evaluations above, there are some excellent affordable solutions.


Make sure to investigate the brand before making any food purchases. Most cat owners are unaware of brands outside of what they advertise. Avoid being this person. Even while food may appear excellent, the brand might easily trigger concerns. For instance, some brands frequently use inferior ingredients or purchase from dubious vendors. Even some of these use materials that come from places like China. Additionally, certain companies have a higher rate of recalls, which makes them less secure.

The Different Types of Indoor Cat Food: Pros and Cons Compared

You should choose the best kind of food for your cat before making a food purchase. There are several choices, including freeze-fried food, dry food, wet food, raw food, veterinary diets, and more. These all have advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll examine below.

  • Dry Food: The most common choice for cats continues to be dry food in many situations. The majority of your selections while buying food are typically dry goods.
  • Wet food: Wet food has a higher moisture content than dry food, which makes it a better choice for many cats even if it is less common.
  • Raw food: Over the past few years, raw food has become more and more popular. However, the reported benefits are not well supported by studies. Usually more expensive and requiring refrigeration, this cuisine.
  • Veterinary diets: A veterinarian diet is necessary for felines who have certain health issues. If you think your cat requires one of these meals, talk to your veterinarian as they frequently require a prescription.
  • Freeze-dried food: Freeze-fried food falls in the middle of kibble and raw food. These products are manufactured from beef that has been freeze-dried to improve its shelf life and transform it into kibble-like food.

Dry Food

Affordablewater content is low
enables free-feedingfrequently has less protein.
Widely Available 
There are many options to choose from. 
longer shelf life 

Wet Food

Higher water contentmore costly than food that is dry
typically has higher protein.It takes up more space in storage.
Often low in fillersIt prohibits gratuitous feeding. long
lower shelf life before opening 
appeases picky eaters 
appropriate for cats with dental issues 

Raw Food Pros Cons:

Often very low in carbsstudies to support alleged health benefits.
appropriate for cats with dental issuesChallenging to store
Energy-denseincreased likelihood of contracting food-borne diseases
It might be suitable for diabetic cats.harder to introduce older cats.
claimed health benefits.Not always nutritionally complete

Veterinary Diets

Pros, Cons, and Necessary 
good for Some Health ConditionsExpensive
may prevent future vet billsneeds a prescription
There are typically both wet and dry options available.Only for cats with health problems
can be purchased from the vet’s office. 

Freeze-Dried Foods

High in protein; expensive 
rich in amino acidsnot always balanced
Usually grain-freeSome cats don’t like the texture.
Suitable for cats with allergies 
Often flavorful 
long shelf life 

Verified Review: User Experience

Food for indoor cats often addresses a number of issues that are prevalent in this population. Cats kept indoors, for example, tend to put on excessive weight and have loads of hairballs. Due to this, a lot of indoor cat meals are high in fiber to reduce the risk of hairballs and low in calories to prevent weight gain. They appeared to operate well in these ways, according to many customers.

Customers generally stated that Nutro appeared to be the easiest on their cats’ tummies. It was the only meal their cats could eat, according to one person. As a result, this choice is fantastic for cats with sensitive stomachs. Due to its high vitamin content, Purina Beyond cat food was a favorite among many cat owners. However, some people complained that their cat’s mouth couldn’t quite fit it. This might be something to think about if your cats are smaller.