Arkansas is home to a number of reputable Maine Coon breeders. If you are looking for a new furry family member, here are some of the best Maine Coon breeders in Arkansas.

Cattery NameLocationWebsite
Hillside Maine CoonsFayetteville
River Valley Maine CoonsFt. Smith
WhisPur RidgeParagould
Mystique and LegendsHot Springs
Metatron EyesLake Ouachita
Meow N ForeverN/A
ArkankoonsCentral AR

FAQs: Maine Coon Breeders in Arkansas

Are Maine Coons legal in Arkansas?

When it comes to owning a Maine Coon in Arkansas, it’s important to know the state’s laws and regulations. The good news is that Maine Coons are legal in Arkansas, and their ownership is largely unrestricted. You’ll need to obtain a license for your pet, but other than that, there are no additional regulations or restrictions on owning a Maine Coon in Arkansas.

When it comes to listing your Maine Coon as an official pet, you should be aware that there are certain requirements that must be met. For instance, you’ll need to have your pet spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations. You also need to register your pet with a local animal control authority. It’s important to note that failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal action, including fines and other penalties.

It’s also important to note that while Maine Coons are legal in Arkansas, they are considered a wild animal in some areas. As such, you should always check with your local laws and regulations before bringing any wild animal into your home.

How much do Maine Coons cost in Arkansas?

Maine Coons in Arkansas tend to range in price depending on quality, age, and gender. Generally speaking, kittens can range from $400-$1000, while adult cats can range from $200-$700. Also, depending on the breeder, cats may cost more if they are of a higher quality, if they have a pedigree, or if they are from a rare line. It is also important to note that male cats tend to be more expensive than females. Ultimately, the price of a Maine Coon in Arkansas is determined by the particular breeder and the individual cat in question.

Do Maine Coons do well as indoor cats?

Maine Coons are a breed of cat that is known for its intelligence and gentle nature. They can make great indoor cats if given the proper care and attention. Maine Coons are an incredibly social breed and require a lot of love and attention from their owners. They should have plenty of interactive toys and plenty of places to explore indoors. Maine Coons are very adaptable and can be trained to use a litter box, making them an ideal choice for indoor cats. They are also very affectionate and can bond with their owners quickly, making them an ideal pet for any home.

What are the cons of owning a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coon cats are beloved for their large size, intelligence, and playful personalities. However, like any pet, there are some drawbacks to owning a Maine Coon.

First, Maine Coons are very large cats. While they can make wonderful pets, they require a lot of space. Not only do they require plenty of room to run and play, but they also need a lot of food and litter. This can be expensive and difficult to accommodate in smaller homes or apartments.

Second, Maine Coons can be quite vocal. They are known for their “chirping” and “trilling” sounds, and they often meow loudly in response to their owners. This can be quite loud and disruptive, so if you don’t want a noisy pet, a Maine Coon may not be the best choice.

Finally, Maine Coons require a lot of grooming. With their long, thick fur, they need to be brushed daily to prevent mats and tangles. This can be time-consuming and is essential for keeping their coats healthy.