Meet Lucky, the cat who traded the streets for a cozy indoor life, and let me tell you, her journey is a heartwarming tale!

Before finding her forever home with The Mad Catters, a cat rescue in Perth, Australia, Lucky roamed the streets for over a year. Tara, the founder of The Mad Catters, shared, “After seeing photos of her on top of a bin looking for food, our cat trapping team headed out to take a look.”

Rescued from a small cat colony, Lucky, at around two years old, bore the marks of her outdoor adventures – scratches, bites, and battle scars all over. Underweight and mistrustful, she had even lost fur due to a flea allergy.

But Lucky’s luck turned around when she entered foster care. Tara shared, “With a frail frame of skin and bone and a very standoff-ish attitude, Lucky made her way to her foster home to start her recovery.”

In those months of TLC, Lucky transformed. From a timid outdoor cat, she became an affectionate indoor feline. Tara described her as a loving family member with occasional mood swings – “You can pat me, but only on my terms.”

“Lucky is best described as a loving member of the family who occasionally has the odd mood swing. ‘You can pat me, but only on my terms’ sort of thing,” Tara shared.

Her quirky personality fully emerged as she pranced around the house, tail held high. “If you can imagine an incredibly affectionate cat, a super sassy cat, and a totally bizarre cat were rolled up into one, it would describe Lucky to a T.”

Thanks to nutritious food, a comfy home, and loving humans, Lucky blossomed into a fluffy, soft, and healthy cat. She has a preference for being the sole adult cat but has a soft spot for foster kittens.

Tara explained, “She doesn’t like other cats but has a soft spot for foster kittens and spoils them with so much love.”

When foster kittens enter the scene, Lucky transforms into a nurturing big sister, showering them with love and snuggles. “Even when she plays with them, she is so gentle batting the toys around but is so cautious not to boop the kittens by accident.”

And here’s the heartwarming twist – these foster kittens bring out the best in Lucky too. They help her gain confidence around people, and she adores having them around.

After a challenging start in life, Lucky has found her purpose – being a loving big sister to foster kittens. Now, she’s ready to find a forever home that understands her needs and can provide the love she deserves.

“I can’t wait until I find the perfect home for Lucky. She just deserves so much love.”

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