Bengal Cat Characteristics

Bengal cats are impossible to miss; if nothing else their beautiful decorated coats give them away immediately. But there are other distinct physical characteristics that decidedly distinguish them from other cat breeds and add to their adorable and lovable features list. And if you didn’t know already, they’re more than just their looks, Bengal cats also have amazing personalities that will keep any cat owner amused and infatuated.

1. Their Leopard Coat

Bengal Cat Characteristics

While it goes without saying that the most pronounced characteristic of the Bengal cat is their eye-catching coat, most people don’t know that they come in a variety of patterns and colors.

From marbled or spotted rosette pattern to silver and snow colored, there’s no end to the exotic complexion of this cat.

Bengal cats originally got their lovely design by cross-breeding a wild Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat in the 1980s, but their coat was further altered by selective breeding for many years after that to obtain even more exotic choices.

2. Their Horizontal Pattern

The closest cat you can get to the Bengal is the tabby, who also can have spots and stripes. The main difference, though, is that the tabby’s patterns always run vertically, while the Bengal cat’s always run horizontally. This directional pattern is helpful for camouflage in the wild, which the Bengal’s ancestors used in their native lands of East and South Asia.

3. Their Muscular Build

Bengal cats only weigh about 8 to 15lbs, making them comparable to any domestic cat size. However, much of their heft is in their muscular build, making them formidable hunters and able to leap to high places. It’s rare that you’ll see a chubby Bengal cat; they’re lean and sturdy cats that descended from wild hunters.

4. Their Green, Gold or Blue Eyes

Bengal Cat Characteristics

Depending on their coat color, Bengal cats can have a variety of eye colors. The brown colored Bengal typically has green or gold eyes, while the snow seal lynx colored Bengal always has blue eyes.

5. Their glittery Coat

And as if Bengals couldn’t get any cooler, some have the appearance of glitter on their coat! This is caused by translucent hollow hair shafts that catch light and reflect it, giving the coat a glittering look in the sunlight.

6. Their Shorthair Coat

The Bengal cat’s shorthair coat is so short and easy to maintain that they’re hypoallergenic for some people. Many Bengal owners can attest to seeing almost no cat hair on their furniture or carpet, and that’s because the Bengal cat just doesn’t shed that much. As their ancestors were originally from warm, tropical environments, they don’t have the typically shedding season that a lot of long or medium haired cats have.

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