Maine Coons

If you’re wondering whether or not a cat is a Maine Coon, you’ve come to the right guide! While Maine Coons are known for having very unique and distinguishable characteristics, not all Maine Coons are the same. Variation can be seen in any cat breed, but there are usually a few trait all Maine Coons have in common that make them a member of the special cat family!

1. Size

Maine Coon Size

Maine Coons are known for being very, very big cats. At an average of 15-25 lbs, male Maine Coons are about 5-10 lbs bigger than the average house cat. Females clock in quite a bit smaller at 10-15 lbs. The growing cycle of a Maine Coon is generally longer than that of a regular house cat. While most cats reach full size around 9-12 months, Maine Coons will continue to grow for 2-4 years!

Stewie, a Maine Coon, broke the Guinness World Record for world’s longest cat in 2010 at 48.5 inches long!

2. Long, soft fur

In order for their ancestors to survive in cold, northern climates, Maine Coons had to develop a thick, fluffy coat. There are a lot of layers to this thick, oily coat, though, which just makes Maine Coons look even bigger! Even their paws and tails have a lot of insulation. Like any longhair cat, though, this bushy coat can leave a lot of fur around the house, read here for more information on what to do about all that shedding.

3. Big, fluffy tails

The tail of a Maine Coon deserves special attention as it might just be the biggest, fluffiest tail you’ll ever see! If the cat in question has a gigantic, fluffy tail it just might be a Maine Coon.

4. Lynx Ears

One sure way to distinguish Maine Coons from other longhairs is their unique Lynx-tipped ears. This means they have tufts of fur on the end of their ears that stick up to a point, much like a bobcat. They act like little earmuffs for the Maine Coon, keeping the tips of their ears warm in the harshly cold climates they came from.

5. Eyes

Maine Coon’s all share a recognizable shape and size to their eye; large and slightly rounded. 

6. Muscular

Make no mistake, Maine Coons are not often chunky or slim; they’re very compact and muscular. Not only does this make them fierce hunters in wild, harsh environments, but it also helps hold in their body heat.

7. Genetic Testing

Ultimately the only way to know for sure if your cat is a purebred Maine Coon is to have genetic testing done (unless you have Pedigree papers proving lineage from the breeder). It’s important to note that a cat might look very much like a Maine Coon even if it’s a mix, which is very possible due to the proliferation of backyard breeders trying to make a buck.

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