Say hello to Valentino!

Elaine Seamans discovered this sweet senior tiger cat at the Baldwin Park animal shelter in Los Angeles County. When she found him, no one had approached him, and it was evident that Valentino was in bad shape.

Poor Valentino was battling sarcoptic mange, a skin infection caused by mites, usually affecting dogs but occasionally spreading to humans, causing a mild rash. Covered in dirt with eyes sealed shut, he was in desperate need of help.

Despite his frailty, Valentino mustered a meow as Elaine passed by. Feeling the need for human touch, she bravely picked him up and hugged him without using gloves. His condition was so severe that Elaine feared he might not make it.

Determined to give Valentino a fighting chance, Elaine contacted her friend Toby Wisneski from Leave No Paws Behind. The vet diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and a bleeding ulcer, compounding the effects of the mange. Though his health was deteriorating, Valentino proved to be a fighter.

With proper treatment, Valentino responded well, and after a week, he miraculously opened his eyes, revealing striking green eyes for the first time. Despite his initial struggles, Valentino’s underlying health was robust, and he began his journey to recovery.

Once cleaned up, the transformation revealed a beautiful senior tiger cat. Three months of dedicated treatment and care later, Valentino’s foster home became his forever home—a heartwarming foster fail.

Today, Valentino, almost unrecognizable from his initial state at the animal center, is not only thriving but also actively contributing to raising funds to save other senior animals like him. A true survivor with a heartwarming tale!

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