Bengal Cat Personality

Without a doubt, the Bengal cat’s beautiful leopard markings are the most entrancing and recognizable part of the breed, but their charming personality is another major draw for people looking to buy or adopt one.

The Bengal cat was created by the crossbreeding of a domestic cat and a small Asian leopard, which might make you think their wild genes might make for a wild and unruly cat, but the truth couldn’t be more different. Bengals are not only as playful and active as you might imagine, but they’re also incredibly social and affectionate.

1. Playful and Active

Bengal Cat Personality

As you might have guessed, Bengal’s are extremely active and playful cats. Their high energy and constant need for an exciting game will keep you entertained, but it also means you might want to provide some extra toys, a cat tree or a cat wheel to help them heighten their game and burn off some energy.

Given their high need for playtime, it’s possible that Bengal cats can get bored if they’re an only pet and their owner is kept away from home often. Having multiple pets (other cats and dogs) or another Bengal cat is a sure way to keep your Bengal entertained.

2. Social

Bengal cats can be very in tune with their owners and develop bonds with people and other animals. The Bengal cat with require attention from their owner and want to spend time with them and will likely not be the cat that is constantly hiding under the bed.

Bengal cats will usually get along well with a full household; they’re not shy towards children and new people and will usually keep up with the energy of the room.

3. Intelligent

Bengal cats can be mischievous little buggers, especially when they’re bored. They’ll figure out how to get to new perching places or into off-limits rooms, and they’ll figure our your habits so they know how to not get caught.

But aside from the mischief their intelligence makes them wonderful companions because they can learn commands and the preferences of their owners. It’s an endearing moment when you discover your Bengal cat has you all figured out.

4. Affectionate

Quite the opposite of what you’d expect out of a half-leopard cat, the Bengal cat is incredibly affectionate and loving towards their companions, whether it be their owner or another pet. Expect them to demand a lot of cuddles and want to be around you often.

5. Natural hunters

Bengal Cat Personality

Given their leopard genes, it’s no surprise that Bengal cats are natural hunters. They will have a strong urge to stalk and hunt their toys, and will be particularly excited by the squirrels and small birds they see outside.

While Bengals tend to get along well with other larger pets, it’s a good idea to keep them away from smaller pets such as hamsters, gerbils, lizards, birds or small rabbits as they might see them as prey.

6. Love the outdoors

Most Bengal cats will feel right at home in the great outdoors; after all, it wasn’t that long ago that their ancestors were prowling the jungles of Asia. Bengal cats will find plenty of entertainment outside and love the freedom to scamper around and chase things.

Keep in mind, though, that domestic cats are responsible for killing millions of birds each year, which can impact the environment, and there are natural hazards like predators and poisons outside that can threaten the life of your Bengal cat. If you do decide to let your Bengal outside, try to keep watch during that time or keep them on a leash.

Bengal Cat Personality