These adorable “cookie and milk” kittens didn’t have the easiest start, but they wiggled their way into the hearts of a kind family who stepped up to take them in.

Penny Richards, a dedicated volunteer at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, took in a litter of kittens in need of foster care.

Upon arrival, the little ones were crawling with fleas, requiring two baths and constant combing in the first week. Penny, sharing the details, said, “They had to have two flea baths and constant combing for the first week to ensure I safely removed every flea from them.”

Once cleaned up and well-fed, the kittens formed an instant snuggly crew, creating a purr-pile and falling into a deep slumber.

In the following weeks, Shortbread (the orange tabby) and her siblings, named after a “cookie and milk” theme—Oatly, Silk, Almond Breeze, and Elmhurst—flourished under the dedicated care of their foster family.

Oatly, the explorer, loves close-up cuddles, while Almond Breeze is brave and sweet. Shortbread is the storyteller, greeting Penny with gentle meows, and Silk, though timid at times, is playful and sweet in her comfort zone. Elmhurst, a vocal cutie, enjoys exploring and playing.

As they mastered running and bouncing around, the kittens showcased endless energy and playfulness, especially during their adorable wrestling sessions.

Now, the once tiny bundles of fur have grown into big personalities, ready for their forever homes. With the guidance of Colman, the resident cat, they’ve learned the ropes and are set to embark on a new journey as they head to their forever homes for the holidays. Cheers to these little snugglebugs and their upcoming adventures!

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