A stray cat had found herself a new hangout spot – a kind homeowner’s doorstep.

Every day, the homeowner would offer her some food, and the cat would gratefully chow down.

However, as the cold weather started to roll in, the homeowner knew she couldn’t just leave the cat outside.

So, they sought the help of local rescuer Nadia, who kindly offered to take the cat, now named Laloue, in.

Nadia knew just the place for her – Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a rescue group in Canada with a foster family eagerly waiting to take in Laloue.

But as it turned out, Laloue was harboring a little secret – she was pregnant!

And so, Laloue settled into her new foster home and gave birth to four healthy, adorable kittens.

As a new mother, Laloue was incredibly attentive to her babies. She made sure they were always neat and clean, and her purring engine never seemed to turn off because she loved being a mom so much.

She trusted her foster family completely, allowing them to hold her precious little ones and giving them a break when needed.

Two weeks went by, and the kittens were thriving – eating well, gaining weight, and even opening their eyes!

It was clear that Laloue had found herself and her kittens a lucky break in life, and her new owners were thrilled to be a part of this heartwarming rescue story.

As Laloue and her kittens continue to grow, we can all look forward to the day when they find their forever homes and spread their love and joy to even more families.

Watch the video to see this adorable family in action – it’s sure to make your day!

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