Symphony, a two-year-old Siamese kitty, was rescued along with 46 other cats and kittens who were found abandoned in terrible conditions.

Pasado’s Safe Haven stepped in and got all the kitties to safety. They reached out to local rescue centers for help, and ten of the cats, including Symphony, were taken in by Purrfect Pals.

When Symphony arrived at Purrfect Pals, she was extremely shy and didn’t know how to accept love.

Her rescuers knew they had to help her come out of her shell, so they decided to put her in foster care to help her socialize more easily.

She spent time at an intense socialization program at the Monroe Reformatory, where she was looked after by an inmate specially trained in working with cats like Symphony.

The program did wonders for her, and after months of foster care, Symphony was ready to be put up for adoption.

When she arrived at the adoption center, Lia and her husband Larry, both volunteers there, welcomed her.

To everyone’s surprise, Symphony took to Larry immediately.

The second she saw him, she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug.

Larry said, “She came with a handwritten letter from the prisoner who had helped socialize her, explaining how she needed to be loved and treated gently, and to be generous with toys and play with her. My heart broke, and I knew we needed to bring her home.”

It looked like Symphony had already chosen her human.

Once settled into her forever home, she came out of her shell and even made friends with the other cats that lived there.

How lucky Symphony is now to be living in a world surrounded by love!

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