There was a sweet grandmother and her feline companion, Gabby. They were inseparable and spent almost a decade together.

It all started when Gabby was just a little kitten, and the shelter volunteers brought her and two other cats to the grandmother’s house for an interview.

Out of the three, Gabby was the one who hit it off with the grandma immediately. The other two cats were hiding, and furniture had to be moved to get them back into their carriers.

The connection between the two was instant and mutual.

Gabby became the grandmother’s “book buddy,” and whenever she sat down to read, Gabby would snuggle right next to her.

Gabby had a habit of waking up her grandma every morning by walking on her head, and every night, they would cuddle and share precious moments together.

As the years went by, the health of both of them started to deteriorate simultaneously. Gabby would spend most of the day by herself, and the grandma was barely able to eat anymore.

It was then that Gabby let the grandma know that she was ready.

So, the grandma took Gabby to the vet, where she passed away in her grandma’s arms.

When the grandma returned home, she was sad and distraught.

She decided to sit down on the sofa just to take a nap, and within a few hours, she was gone too.

The grandma had always worried about what would happen to Gabby if she passed away first. But helping Gabby on her final journey gave the grandma a sense of peace and permission to move on.

As Judy, a family friend, told Love Meow, “I do believe that helping Gabby in her final journey gave Grandma a sense of peace and permission to move on.”

This is one of those rare and special moments when a person and a beloved pet get to cross over the Rainbow Bridge together.

It’s a magical experience that most of us pet lovers will never have.

Gabby and her human will always be remembered as soulmates who were lucky enough to spend almost a decade together.

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