Get ready for a one-of-a-kind cat tale! You know how most cats despise getting wet? Well, not this feline! Meet Pym – the Shower Cat!

Pym’s story began at a local animal shelter, where Katie Behr visited just to see the animals. But when she saw a litter of kittens that had lost their mother, she fell in love with Pym and brought her home.

One day, while Katie was taking a shower, Pym followed her in, curious about what her human mom was up to. And unlike most cats, Pym loved the water right away. So now, whenever Katie takes a shower, Pym has one too!

But after her shower, Pym didn’t like getting towel-dried or wearing a shower cap, so now she has a special routine. She stands in front of a blow heater and then gets wrapped up in her very own bathrobe. Cute, right?

And Pym isn’t just a shower lover. She also enjoys jumping into the bath and playing with her rubber duck. But she’s not all about the water – she loves cuddling, being mischievous, and, most of all, being close to her human mom.

Katie adores Pym’s quirkiness and couldn’t imagine life without her.

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