Meet Sansa, the tiny 3-week old foster kitten who found herself in a little messy situation. Amber Nadinic, her foster mama from Pets Haven Rescue in Woodend, Australia, quickly stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Amber, who has been fostering kittens for about a year, has a current brood of five adorable furballs named after Game of Thrones characters – Jon, Hodor, Arya, Brienne, and, of course, Sansa. Unfortunately, these cuties were abandoned by their mama.

After Sansa’s not-so-pleasant accident, Amber took to Instagram with a candid post:

“When there’s been a poop explosion. I thought long & hard about posting this after all the drama from the last kitten bath I posted, but this is what fostering orphan kittens can be like.”

Despite the potential for drama, Amber didn’t hesitate to clean up the little sweetheart. She explained, “This little sweetheart had a major poop explosion and she has no cat mama to clean her up. I was not going to let her stay covered in (look at the color of the water).”

Amber ensured Sansa got a warm and thorough bath, and once her bottom was sparkling clean, she rejoined her siblings. With hot water bottles and fluffy blankets, the kittens had a cozy setup to nap in. And Sansa, as the video shows, was clearly grateful for her spa session.

Little did Amber know that the Instagram video would become a sensation, racking up over 117,000 views. Way to go, Sansa – you’ve become an overnight star!

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