Bagging the first prize at this year’s Comedy Pet Photo Awards is a hilarious photograph featuring two cats seemingly conjoined. The mastermind behind this amusing shot is Japanese photographer Kenichi Morinaga, known for his adventures capturing street cats across Japan’s islands.

In the winning photo, two feline friends, one sporting a snowy white coat and the other rocking marmalade fur, are seated side-by-side on a fence. The clever illusion of conjoined cats is created as they press their necks together, showcasing Morinaga’s knack for capturing comedic moments in the feline world.

As the crowned Comedy Pet Photographer of the year, Morinaga not only receives a cash prize of £2,000 but also directs a £5,000 donation to an animal charity of his choice.

Morinaga’s passion for cat photography sprouted when he became a cat owner himself during his backpacking adventures in Europe. “Suddenly, I became fascinated by the antics of cats out in the streets and had to photograph them,” Morinaga shared. Upon returning to Japan, he continued seeking out these humorous feline encounters, finding joy in their antics, especially during the challenging times of the past two years.

“They are so funny, even when they are doing something serious,” Morinaga added.

While the top honor went to Morinaga, the competition recognized outstanding photographers in various categories. The winner of the dog category, Jose Bayon from Spain, captured a heartwarming moment of a rescue dog gleefully playing in the garden with a sprinkler.

With plans to utilize the prize money for future photography trips around Japan, Morinaga expressed his desire to continue spreading smiles through the lens. “I would like to continue photographing many cats and bring many more smiles to people’s faces,” he shared enthusiastically.

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