Lilo the kitten might not have grown into those big ears, but she sure found a new lease on life with her best friend.

Jen, a volunteer for Wrenn Rescues, stumbled upon a post about a litter of kittens and their mom in need of foster care at a local shelter. When no one else stepped up, Jen decided to lend a helping hand. She recalled, “I was shocked when they first got here. They were in such poor shape—emaciated and underweight.”

The runt of the litter, little Clock, was only half the size of her siblings and faced the additional challenge of an upper respiratory infection. While her family started to recover, Clock required round-the-clock syringe-feeding.

After intensive care, Clock, named for her big ears and overbite, began to show signs of improvement. Despite being eight weeks old, she was as small as a 3-week-old kitten. With love and care, Clock’s strength grew, and she started to nibble on toys.

Jen placed a bowl of food in front of her, hoping for the best. Clock surprised everyone by diving right in and eating. With her URI symptoms clearing, Clock gained weight, revealed her quirky personality, and formed a strong bond with her sister, Hickory.

Clock, despite her size, was spirited and full of fight. She kept her family on their toes and demanded attention and snuggles. When Clock was ready for adoption, she found her forever home with Anne, who came across her video on Instagram.

Anne, moved by Clock’s story, decided to adopt her and her sister Hickory. “Jen wasn’t wrong. These two really are best friends,” Anne noted. The sisters, now named Lilo and Nani, settled into their new home, initially hiding under the bed together.

Soon, they warmed up to their new mom, claiming the house and all the soft spots they could find. Lilo, the curious soul, inspects Anne’s meals with intense focus, pointing her ears to catch the scent.

Living their best lives, Lilo and Nani snuggle together, share the big bed, and make shoe boxes their designated nap spots. The happy pair enjoys a life filled with comfort, warmth, and love, all thanks to the caring hearts that gave them a second chance.

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