Loki’s story began as that of a stray cat. But around three years ago, he stumbled into Nathan’s life, and their bond grew stronger by the day. They became the best of pals.

Loki, well, he’s quite the adventurous feline. He enjoys exploring the neighborhood and the areas nearby, often taking himself on these solo walks.

Then came the day when Nathan was returning home from work, and he came across a shocking sight – Loki’s lifeless body lying by the roadside. It was unmistakably Loki due to his distinct markings, and it seemed like he’d been hit by a car. In sorrow, Nathan and his girlfriend laid Loki to rest in a corner of their backyard.

Nathan recalled, ‘I was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears were flowing, and the fact that my cat was gone was hard to grasp.’

But, hold on, the next morning had something truly astonishing in store. Loki reappeared, almost as if he had just returned from a leisurely stroll.

Nathan couldn’t believe his eyes. Loki was very much alive and in good health.

It was nothing short of a miracle – Loki had, in a sense, risen from the dead. It was an unbelievable twist of fate.

That’s when Nathan realized he must have accidentally buried someone else’s cat. So, he spread the word to find the rightful owners of the cat he had mistakenly buried.

This whole rollercoaster of an experience left Nathan quite cautious about allowing Loki to wander freely. He wanted to spare himself the heartbreak of such a situation happening again.

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