Figuring out exactly how much food to feed your Maine Coon each day is a question that a lot of Maine Coon owners face. It can be daunting to try to figure out exactly what the right amount of food is, especially if you just brought your Maine Coon home for the first time or have a growing Maine Coon kitten.

Why It’s Important to Know Exactly How Much to Feed Your Maine Coon

Diet is critical in a Maine Coon’s overall health, and how much you feed them can determine their lifespan, well-being and quality of life. Feeding your Maine Coon too much can lead to obesity and other metabolic disorders, which will reduce their lifespan significantly. Feeding too little can stunt growth and lead to lethargy and general depression.

Maine Coon Feeding Chart

While we can give you overall accurate numbers in terms of what to feed your Maine Coon each day in dry or wet food, every Maine Coon is different and will require some minor adjustments to figure out the perfect amount.

Also, keep in mind that while this chart shows the amount of dry and wet food you should be feeding based off weight, it assumes you’re only feeding dry OR wet food, but not both. You’ll have to adjust the amount for each by the percentage amount to figure out the correct number. For example, if you plan on feeding a 50/50 diet of dry and wet food, then multiply the number in each column by 50%.

Maine Coon Feeding Chart

Factors that Affect Food Amount

As mentioned previously, there are other factors that might require more or less food depending on the given Maine Coon and situation. Some factors that might affect how much food you administer each day are:

  • Whether your Maine Coon is a kitten or is fully grown
  • The brand of wet or dry food – some brands have a higher or lower calorie density
  • Whether you’re trying to help your Maine Coon gain or lose weight
  • Your Maine Coon’s activity level
  • Your Maine Coon’s individual metabolism

There’s no universal number for any given Maine Coon, but the chart above is a great starting point that you can tweak over time to find the perfect amount.

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