Maine Coon Jumping

It’s easy to wonder just how agile the gigantic, well-muscled Maine Coon can possibly be. After all, we think of giants as being slow, bumbling creatures that can barely even run, let alone jump, so it’s difficult to imagine a Maine Coon jumping!
But the Maine Coon is an incredibly adept and powerful jumper, just one capability among many of their athletic abilities.

How High Can Maine Coons Jump?

Maine Coons are amazing jumpers, and can jump with extreme accuracy up to 6 feet. That’s about the height of a fence or the refrigerator, so don’t think you’re going to keep anything out of their paws up there! Don’t be surprised if you find Maine Coon jumping to just about ever height imaginable.

How Maine Coons Can Jump So High

Maine Coon Jumping

As the biggest domestic cat breed in the world, it can seem puzzling how they are able to launch their hefty bodies so high up in the air. But beneath all that hair is a powerful, well-muscled body capable of projecting the Maine Coon up to great heights. In fact, a lot of their weight comes from that muscle, which serves them well in their Maine Coon jumping pursuits.

Maine Coon Size

Maine Coons grow up to an average of 12 to 18 lbs in weight, with males tending towards the upper end of that scale and the females coming in a bit smaller. They also tend to not have very long limbs, but instead are more on the stocky side. This doesn’t seem to affect their jumping ability, though, as their strong hind legs can send them to the furthest reaches of the cat tree.

Maine Coons Jumping Downward

Maine Coon Jumping

Not only are Maine Coons masters at the high jump, but they also have a high amount of control at jumping down from high places. A Maine Coon jumping down from a tree or surface that’s 7 or 8 feet tall poses no problem for them as their legs act like springs to lessen the impact of their fall.

Why Maine Coons Are Excellent Jumpers

It’s not certain why Maine Coons are such great jumpers, after all, some cat breeds like the Ragdoll are not a big fan of heights. One explanation might have to do with their astounding mousing abilities. Maine Coons were oftentimes kept as ship cats off the coast of Maine due to their service in eliminating all the rats on board, and their ability to reach high places or soar long distances might have helped them catch those agile rodents.
Another explanation might be that Maine Coons that could jump high up into trees had an advantage in escaping predators in the forests of Maine where they’re originally from.

How to Keep a Maine Coon From Jumping Where They’re Not Supposed To

Maine Coons will jump wherever they can get to as they’re naturally playful, active and curious cats. Chances are there are a few places in your home you’d prefer to not have your Maine Coon jump to, and there are a few tricks you can employ to keep her from doing so.

Keep Food Off Counters

Maine Coons love a tasty treat, whether you want them to have it or not! Keeping cheese, butter and crumbs off the counter will help remove that place from their mind as a great place to land.

Give An Alternative

Maine Coons will always try to jump somewhere, so you might as well give them a place where they’re allowed to jump. Providing a cat tree or dedicating certain shelves to your Maine Coon will make them less interested in places they’re not supposed to go. You can also keep things interesting by rearranging their tree, toys and boxes every so often.

Use Double Sided Tape

You can really discourage your Maine Coon from jumping to certain places by placing double-sided tape on surfaces they’re not supposed to go. Cats really don’t like the feeling of tape on their paws, and tape is fairly easy to remove from surfaces later.