Maine Coon Siamese Mix

The Maine Coon Siamese mix is a wonderful combination of the best traits in both breeds. Maine Coons are known for their fluffy coat and lynx-tipped ears. Siamese cats are coveted for their deep blue eyes and loud meow.

But there is a mix that combines all of these precious traits together, and that’s the Maine Coon Siamese mix!

Characteristics of the Maine Coon Siamese Mix

So what can you expect with a Maine Coon Siamese mix? This particular mix is not a breed and doesn’t have breed standards, so there are a few different ways a half Maine Coon half Siamese cat can look.

In some cases the cat will retain the beautiful blue Siamese eyes, or at least have hints of blue. The cat will probably have a long or medium-length coat and be bigger than the average housecat.

Depending on the color and gender of the cat’s Maine Coon parent, they may have some variation of seal point pattern in white, grey, brown, orange or black.

Some owners want to achieve a Maine Coon Siamese mix that has the patterning of a Siamese cat. To do this it’s probably best to breed a Maine Coon that already has seal point markings.

Personality of the Maine Coon Siamese Mix

As if the characteristics of the mixed cat wasn’t hard enough to guess, it gets even harder with the personality. This is because environmental factors play a huge role in the temperament of the cat. And it’s hard to sometimes distinguish what is innate in the cat and what came from their environment.

Because both Maine Coons and Siamese cats are extremely social breeds. It’s highly likely that the mixed cat will also be very social. Siamese cats are particularly vocal, so the mix might also be more talkative than the average Maine Coon.

Mixing breeds to achieve a certain outcome is popular among cat enthusiasts because in their minds they can get the best of both breeds. And seeing very different traits all in one cat is pretty cool!

Sometimes, though, mixes happen unintentionally, such as when two cat breeds are strays or going through the adoption system. In this case it can be hard to tell exactly what two breeds a cat is comprised of. Therefore, the exact mix is left to speculation.

Purebred cats are also typically at a higher risk of certain genetic disorders. Mixing can introduce genetic diversity that actually decreases the kitten’s chance of getting these disorders.

How to Tell for Sure Your Cat is a Maine Coon Siamese Mix

You might be wondering if there is a genetic test that could say for certain what two breeds a cat is made up of. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently one on the market that is 100% accurate. Some will show a general genetic makeup by world region. Others will compare the genetic code of the cat to other cats’ genes in a breeder database to try to find matches. All of these methods aren’t perfect, and might not say for sure if your cat is a Maine Coon Siamese mix.

However, simple tests like the Basepaws Cat DNA test are accurate at giving you a general breakdown of general breeds your cat is comprised of. It might give you a general sense of whether your cat contains some Maine Coon and some Siamese.

Unless you have a breeder be able to show through the cat’s parents’ registration papers that they are certified purebreds, there’s no way to know for sure. In any case, just having a lovable cat that has some of the adorable personality and physical traits of a Maine Coon and Siamese should be enough!