Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, semi-longhaired cat built for the harsh winters of Norway, where the breed has been renowned for hundred of years. Despite this rugged appearance, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a delightful personality and fits right at home with many avid cat lovers.


The rugged exterior of the Norwegian Forest Cat fits right in with their hardy personality. They’ve had centuries to adapt to the cold forests of Scandinavia, and they’re not afraid of a few creature discomforts. The inner huntsman might just make an appearance too, so make sure to stay well-stocked on toys to keep your Norwegian Forest Cat satisfied.

It also might be tempting to want to let your Norwegian outside (after all, their ancestors faced much harsher environments), but keep in mind there are still many dangers awaiting outdoors including cars, predators, poisons and diseases.

A welcoming home full of toys, affection and plenty of space to run around should be a perfectly suitable place for the Norwegian Forest Cat to thrive.


Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

Given their hardy nature, it might come as a surprise that the Norwegian Forest Cat is very affectionate and can develop strong bonds with their owners. They may not demand all of your love like a Siamese, but they will surely curl up in your lap for time to time or at least insist on finding a cozy place next to you.


The Norwegian Forest Cat will develop a strong bond with you over time but they will always have an independent streak. While they will insist on joining you on the couch or at your desk, they will certainly do it on their terms when they want to. If you’re looking for a high energy, high attention-seeking cat, the Norwegian might not be for you. More subtle and reserved by nature, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a lovely low-maintenance companion.


You don’t make it out of the frigid forests of Norway without some level of cunning, and the Norwegian Forest Cat is no dense feline. They quietly and stealthily figure out their owners’ routines, preferences and behaviors and adjust accordingly to fit right in. As such, they’re adept at changing to their environment as needed and will find a way to become a integral member of your household.


The Norwegian Forest Cat does not thrive in isolation, and although they may seem aloof and mysterious at times they, too, need reassurance that their companions are not going anywhere soon.

You might notice your Norwegian’s favorite spot to relax is in close-proximity to your favorite spot to relax, and they might just pick up and move when you do.