Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular breeds out there, and for excellent reason. With a unique and lovable set of personality traits, Ragdolls are sure to make anyone fall in love with them. Some say they’re the most docile cat breed, and their affectionate nature makes them wonderful companions.

1. Ragdolls are very relaxed and gentle

Perhaps one of their most notable personality traits, Ragdolls are known for being extremely laid back and gentle. While most cats are easily agitated or scared away into a hiding place, Ragdolls typically don’t mind being handled or having a lot of action gong on around them (within reason of course!).
This gentle nature makes the Ragdoll an excellent resident in a home with other pets or children, or with owners who like to have a lot of interaction with their cat. Ragdolls will oftentimes be the bell of the ball when guests are over as they’ll want to be around all the fun instead of retreating to their hiding place.
Keep in mind that Ragdoll kittens are usually more rambunctious than adults, so if your Ragdoll kitten doesn’t seem to possess that laid back attitude you were expecting in your Ragdoll, don’t fret, they’ll become more relaxed as they age.

2. The Ragdoll Effect

Ragdolls got their name because when you pick them up they’ll get all floppy like a rag doll. While some claim they go completely limp, this is usually not the case. Ragdolls are so relaxed about being held that they usually won’t stiffen up or squirm like other cats and will feel very loose and relaxed in your arms. This tendency is likely due to their relaxed and docile nature.

3. Ragdolls are very social


Another reason why Ragdolls are so popular is due to their social personalities. They love being around people and will create a strong bond of love and loyalty to their owner. They won’t hide when guests are over; quite the opposite! They’ll want to stay and greet the guests and see what’s going on at the party. On the flip side, Ragdolls have been known to be stolen simply because they don’t fear strangers and will happily go right up to anyone offering attention. Be wary of this and don’t let your Ragdoll wander in public places alone where they can be stolen.
Ragdolls will oftentimes follow their owners around the house and be constantly in close proximity. However, unlike other cat breeds, their affection is usually not pushy. They prefer to be around their owner often, but they won’t usually demand constant interaction.

4. Ragdolls are playful

Ragdolls are generally goofy and playful cats, especially as kittens. While they might not be quite as energetic as other cat breeds, they still do require toys and playtime.

5. Ragdolls are dog-like

Quite a rare trait to find in a cat, Ragdolls are often described as dog-like due to their social and loyal nature. Like dogs, they’ll want to be a part of the action and are often curious as to what their owners are doing. Fiercely loyal, they’ll want to be around their owners often, and they usually get along well with dogs.

6. Ragdolls aren’t big climbers

Ragdoll Cats

Unlike most cats who prefer the highest branch on the cat tree, Ragdolls prefer to stay at ground level. They’re not big jumpers, either, so you’ll likely not catch them on adventurous escapades to reach tall crevices of the house. Keep this in mind when buying your Ragdoll a cat house or tree; something lower to the ground might be more appropriate.

What Can Affect a Ragdoll’s Personality

While most Ragdolls will exhibit most of these traits, every cat is different and their upbringing will usually affect how they behave into adulthood. Some owners have even returned their Ragdoll because it wasn’t behaving exactly as they thought one should; remember that kittens will behave differently than they would as an adult.
Certain traumatic events can effect any cat’s personality, and they way they’re handled in the household will also affect that. Being handled too roughly by children or having other aggressive pets in the house can change their docile and friendly temperament. If you treat your Ragdoll with all the love and affection they deserve, they’re more likely to be the Ragdoll you read about.

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