Sphynx Cat Personality

Known as the naked kitty, Sphynx cats have an absolutely adorable and lovable personality to go along with their astounding looks. They’re certainly not for just admiring from afar; they’ll want all your attention and affection, and the same from all your friends.

It’s no wonder the Sphynx cat is one of the most popular breeds out there, you just can’t help but love them!


To say Sphynx cats are social is an understatement, they will need your constant attention and interaction in order to stay sane! As such, Sphynx cats get lonely very quickly and easily, and it’s recommended that they have a companion to keep them occupied. Many breeders will even offer a discount if you get a second Sphynx cat for that very reason.

If you want to get a Sphynx cat, prepared for a feline that wants to be the center of attention, and they will be very vocal about it too!

Affectionate and Snuggly

Sphynx Cat Affectionate

A Sphynx will try to capture your attention no matter how they can get it, but they’re particularly fond of snuggles and cuddles. They’ll velcro themselves to your lap as soon as you sit down, and if the lap is unavailable they just might find a roost on your shoulders.

Sphynx cats have been known to sleep at night with their owners as opposed to finding their own nook to sleep in; wherever you are, they want to be.

Perhaps it’s partially because they don’t have hair so they’re attracted to your body warmth, but it’s a sure bet the Sphynx is also just an incredibly affectionate cat.

Friendly (Even to Strangers)

Although they can sometimes have a grumpy or anxious-looking expression on their face, Sphynx cats are actually quite the opposite. They will try to get attention from everyone, including people or pets they don’t even know.

This friendly demeanor is partially what makes the Sphynx cat so popular and adored; you just can’t help but love a naked cat that wants to greet you at the door.

Active and Playful

Sphynx Cat Playful

You won’t get a lazy kitty with the Sphynx cat as they’re primed to show you their athleticism. Leaping and chasing after toys and darting up cat trees is their daily hobby, and they’ll seem tireless in their attempt to find a game in everything.

It’s true that Sphynx cats have a really high metabolism, which is not a surprise given their highly active lifestyle. Prepared to be entertained by the Sphynx, because they’ll never turn down a chance to entertain themselves!

Intelligent and Trainable

Believe it or not, the Sphynx cat is a highly trainable breed. In fact, the Sphynx cat that played Mr. Bigglesworth in Austin Powers was trained to sit still for up to 45 min while the actors in the scene were screaming and making a scene. Ted Nudegent, as he was named, would just sit calmly as he was petted by Mike Myers.

While it might take a long time to train your Sphynx to do that, what won’t take a long time is having them learn all about YOU. Since they’re very social creatures, Sphynx cats are invested in knowing everything about you, from your habits to your routines. They’ll quickly figure out how to get you to interact or play with them more, or at least give them one of their favorite treats!

Goofy and Clumsy

Perhaps it’s simply because they look so goofy in the first place, but Sphynx cats are known for their comical entertainment as they blunder normal cat things. Their antics will have you shouting with laughter, and they might just play into their role more once they see how much attention they’re getting.