Silver Bengal

A quick internet search for “bengal cat” will yield all kinds of cute, lovable photos of these beautiful cats. Most of what you’ll see are a brown spotted version of the Bengal cat, but then out of nowhere pops in a new color of Bengal; and all grey cat with dark grey or black spots.

The Silver Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Personality

Bengal cats come in many colors and patterns, one of which is the silver Bengal cat, a TICA recognized variation of the breed. The silver Bengal is marked by having a more white base of color, eliminating almost all the warm colors that the brown Bengal usually has. Upon first glance, people describe this cat as being “grey”, which is close enough as far as we’re concerned.

The silver Bengal was only upgraded to competition level in 2004 by The International Cat Association (TICA) as it was only recently bred by catteries.

Even rarer than silver Bengals are snow Bengals, a white, cream and light brown version of the Bengal cat that comes in several different seal point varieties.

So there you have it! Not all Bengals are brown. Check out more Bengal cat colors and patterns in our complete guide here.

Snow Bengal
Snow Bengal with a Brown Bengal

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