where cats sleep

While most cats don’t seem to have a problem sleeping, frequently getting in an astonishing 16 hours per day, some still require a little assistance in locating the ideal sleeping environment. We’ll show you all the places where cats sleep: from up high to the coziest nook.

1. Cats Change Where they Sleep Often

It’s advisable to give cats a few different beds scattered throughout the house because cats want to frequently rotate between different sleeping spots to protect themselves from fleas and other parasites. Make sure each cat gets a couple different beds they can call their own if you have more than one. Cats are solitary animals, therefore unless they are bonded to another cat, they generally don’t like to share.

2. Cats Like to Sleep up High

Cats prefer to be in high places because doing so keeps them away from any potential hazards below and gives them a good vantage point from which to observe their surroundings. It’s a good idea to have elevated sleeping spots for your cat, such as beds on shelves, the tops of wardrobes, or the backs of sofas, but make sure they are still easily accessible, especially if your cat is aging or ill.

3. Cats Sleep Where it’s Cozy

Make sure your cat’s beds aren’t in drafty regions and aren’t too close to heat sources; the temperature should be just right—neither too cold nor too warm. The most comfortable beds are soft and fluffy, and it’s even better if they have high edges that your cat can hide behind, like a cardboard box.

4. Cats Sleep Where it’s Quiet

Your cat’s sleeping quarters should be placed far from any noisy appliances (like washing machines) and crowded parts of the house (such as the hallway). It’s best to put your cat to sleep in a peaceful area like a bedroom or living room, and while they’re asleep, make sure you don’t disturb them.

5. Cats Like their Scent on their Bedding

Avoid washing all of your cat’s beds at once while you’re washing their bedding. Leave at least one bed with a comforting scent behind to make the cats feel comfortable since they rely greatly on smell to interpret the world around them. After they have switched to a clean bed, you can wash the filthy one.

6. Cats don’t like to sleep near their litter box

Make sure there is plenty of distance between your cat’s food bowl, water bowl, litter tray, and beds because cats prefer to sleep away from where they eat, drink, and use the restroom. However, as cats frequently like stretching and scratching right after waking up, you can put their scratch post adjacent to their favorite bed.