why cats are better than dogs

To any cat owner it’s clear why cats are better than dogs. From maintenance to finance, cats win out every time. However, not everyone is as convinced, which is why we’ve compiled this list of reasons cats are better than dogs to help guide them to the light side.

why cats are better than dogs
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1. A Cat’s Love Means More Than a Dog’s

First and foremost, a cat’s love is more meaningful than a dog’s. Dogs love everyone they meet instantly. While it might be nice at first, you know everyone else is getting the same attention. It’s less meaningful.

Cats, on the other hand, are more reluctant when they first meet someone. Given time and effort, you can get a cat to love you once it has warmed up. And because of the time and effort it requires, a cat’s love is more valuable than a dog’s. In other words, you’ve earned it.

2. Cat’s Are Cheaper

We hate to give so much weight to finances, but you can’t deny cost is a factor here. Cats are far cheaper to own than dogs.

in fact, dogs can be three times more expensive to own than cats. Dogs require more food and more stuff; they’re just higher maintenance.

On the other hand, cats love boxes. Enough said.

3. You Don’t Have to Pick Up a Cat’s Poop

Well, you may have to scoop it out of a litter box from time to time. Picking up a large, warm dog poop with just a thin plastic layer to protect your hand is another story.

Cats conveniently collect their business in the litter box, which is much easier to clean out than constantly picking up pieces of poo off the ground.

4. Cats Are Lower Maintenance

On a similar note, cats require way less maintenance than dogs. But come on, we all know that.

Dogs require walks every day; that’s rain or shine, snow or wind. You also have to give dogs frequent baths, or the smell bad. Cats don’t need all this work; they bathe and exercise themselves.

Oh, and did we mention the whole poop thing?

5. Cats Are Less Demanding

Ok, we’ll admit some people need a lot of attention. And maybe dogs are great for them. But constantly having to entertain your dog gets old. Fast.

After a long, hard day at work, your cat will either leave you in peace or request some quiet cuddles in your lap. You can have your friend around you all day but not necessarily be in your face while you’re trying to concentrate.

6. Cats Take Up Less Space

The average house cat is about 10 lbs, while the average dog tops out at 50 lbs. That’s 1/5 the weight and space taken up by a cat. Easier to snooze with in bed, and they won’t crush your organs when they walk on you.

7. Cats Live Longer

If you want to have your best furry friend around for longer, cats are the way to go. Cats live an average of 4 years longer than a dog, up to 15 years old. The average dog, however, lives only 11 years.

8. Cats Will Keep Vermin From Your Home

Cats will earn their keep by killing mice and bugs around the house. As natural hunters, cats have an instinct to hunt and exterminate things that scurry.

9. Cats Are Better For The Environment

Studies show that dogs have over twice the environmental impact of an SUV. That’s a lot! So if you care about the environment, opt for a kitty.

10. Cats Don’t Smell Bad

At least not as much as dogs do. Anyone who’s been around a dog long enough will admit they smell bad sometimes. Or all the time.

Cats clean and groom themselves so they smell great all the time. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be bathed often to keep that stinky odor at bay.

11. Cats Were Once Worshipped Like Gods

Human civilization has historically deemed cats worthy of being worshipped.

As early as 3,000 B.C.E., felines were worshipped as deities. The Egyptian goddess Bastet—of war, protection, or the moon, depending on the dynasty—is among the first. Her sister in folklore, Sekhmet, the warrior goddess of healing or the hunt (again, depending on the dynasty), was thought to have blown Egypt into existence with her breath. Oh, and there’s also a little thing you maybe have heard of called The Sphinx.

But feline worship isn’t relegated to Ancient Egyptian culture. There’s also Dawon, the Hindu sacred tigress; Barong Ket, the Balinese “king of spirits;” and the entire pantheon of jaguar gods of the pre-Columbian Mayan era. In other words: Your cat may have descended from a deity.

12. Owning a Cat Means You Are More Intelligent

If all of the above hasn’t convinced you yet, studies show that owning a cat means you’re smarter than the average dog owner. According to 2017 research published in the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, self-identified cat lovers tended to have higher intelligence than dog lovers do.

13. Cats Are Less Messy

Although a cat might occasionally knock an item off the table, they’re way less messy than dogs. Dogs splash water everywhere when they drink, and drool all over everything.

Cats are tidier in general. Let’s face it, cats are just less to clean up after.

14. Cats Love You More than Food

According to a 2017 study in Behavioural Processes, cats prefer human interaction to all other stimuli, including food, toys, and catnip. Can you say the same for dogs? We think not. Dogs will love anyone who gives them some food and attention. Cheap love, some would say.

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