why does my cat follow me everywhere

Every morning, my cat follows me from the bedroom to the kitchen while meowing melodically and stroking his tail against my pajamas. He comes behind me into the bathroom and keeps a close eye on me as I brush my teeth. Even when I get in the shower, he follows. I’ll admit it’s a little creepy, but it just means he cares about me, right? Why exactly does my cat follow me everywhere?

Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

Your cat likes you

Do not worry! Your kitty really does adore you. Cats and their human caregivers have developed sincere and distinctive ties as a result of their extended interaction. Your cat appreciates spending time with their favorite person (you!) and is curious about what you do. This is particularly true at times of the day when you could be doing something other than binge-watching your favorite show on the couch, such as when you prepare supper or do a load of laundry. Your cat friend will find those activities a lot more interesting than seeing you squint at a screen.

Your cat wants attention

The week goes by so quickly that, if you’re anything like me, you frequently discover that it’s the middle of the week and you still haven’t visited the grocery store. When it comes to humans taking time out of our busy schedules to give our pets the attention they require, they can occasionally get “left behind.” Your cat can decide that following your every move is the greatest method to draw your attention so that you pet, play, or share a delectable treat with them. To guarantee that your feline partner remains a happy, healthy cat, be sure to comply and offer your cat plenty of daily enrichment activities.

Cats like the adventure of following you everywhere

The restroom is now relevant. It goes without saying that there are scents wherever there are bathrooms and showers. The bathroom in particular offers up numerous intriguing scents that appeal to your cat’s feline instincts because it is a scent connoisseur.

Additionally, if your cat appreciates a cool place to lay down, a bowl to lie in (the sink), or the drip, drip, drip of a running faucet, the bathroom will rapidly transform into a cat-friendly playground or soothing spa. Cats also think that your kitchen, laundry area, and bedroom are full of smells and activities they should try (toilet paper rolls are apparently very entertaining).

Your cat needs a different diet

Probably not a news, but if your cat is determined to follow you around at all times, they might be attempting to let you know that they need something to eat. There is nothing like a surprise visit from your cat while you are using the restroom. Cats are superb communicators, but like kids, they prefer to shout out their requirements or decide to ask for a snack when you are using the bathroom.

Additionally, just like toddlers (and, yes, me), they could not be satisfied with the breakfast you offered them or it may leave them wanting more. This can be a sign that your cat needs a diet modification. Of course, it’s crucial to avoid overfeeding your cat because feline obesity can cause serious health problems.

However, as your cat ages, their dietary and exercise requirements also alter. Therefore, check with your veterinarian to make sure your cat is getting the nutrition they require if they appear to be losing weight, have dull coats, or follow you about even after you’ve given them food.

Your cat is sick

Cats use their body language to express their emotions because they are unable to verbalize them. Cats use their bodies to communicate in a variety of ways, but a cat who might be ill or who is too agitated may amplify body motions and behaviors. These can involve following you around or making an effort to remain as near to you as possible.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian or a veterinarian behaviorist if your cat exhibits particularly acute need to be close to you, displays discomfort when you leave a room without them, or follows your every move to rule out any behavioral or health issues. Your cat might have learned that following you into the kitchen is the best way to receive another delicious tuna treat, or they might simply genuinely enjoy being around all the wonderful odors you generate. Whatever the cause, it’s crucial to pay great attention and make sure your gorgeous feline is entirely content and healthy.