Will my cat drink from a fountain

The answer to “will my cat drink from a fountain” really depends on the cat. Some cats will immediately start drinking from a fountain while others will avoid it like the plague. However, most cats will respond well in a fountain and take interest in it. This is because cats perceive running water as cleaner.

Keep in mind there might be a period of adjustment as your cat gets used to the fountain. They might not take to it at first, but warm up to it in a few weeks.

How Cat Water Fountains Help Your Cat

As we all know, taking care of our cats is challenging but gratifying work. They deserve nothing less. Providing our cats with clean, fresh water at all times is one of our most crucial duties as cat parents. By giving your cat access to a water fountain, you may contribute to their wellbeing and guarantee that they are adequately hydrated. Cat water fountains, according to PetSafe, are wise purchases for a number of reasons, including:

  • They run the water through a filter repeatedly, which prevents bacterial growth and makes it simpler to ensure that their water is clean and fresh.
  • Because cats are innately drawn to moving water, fountains encourage your cat to drink more.
  • They encourage your cat to drink more water, which helps shield them from kidney or urinary diseases.

8 Tips for Training Your Cat to Drink from a Cat Water Fountain

You decided to get your cat a water fountain, but sadly they don’t seem to be interested. They might even be scared of the strange new object that has taken the place of their dependable water bowl. For cat owners, this can be worrying and annoying. They don’t seem impressed with the fountain you bought to make sure they have the best water source possible. There are, fortunately, steps you can take to assist your cat in adjusting to its new water source. Read on for advice on how to get your cat used to drinking from a cat water fountain and how they can be useful.

1) Clean and rinse the water fountain before use.

Fountains do not necessarily come clean and ready to use just because they are packaged in a box. Rinse the filter after cleaning the bowl with soap and water. Before use, thoroughly rinsing the filter aids in getting rid of any loose debris. By rinsing it out, you can prevent the debris from cycling through the filter and contaminating the water.

2) Keep the fountain turned off until they are comfortable.

Keep the fountain off until your cat is comfortable drinking from it if they are wary of the noise it creates. This can prevent potential dehydration from a lack of drinking and help them gradually get used to their new fountain.

3. Allow them to investigate.

Perhaps your cat is too timid to approach the fountain or is unaware that the water is already in the bowl. Place your hand or finger in the dish and bring it up to their lips while they are still looking. This will inform them that there is water in the bowl and aid in their comprehension of the new gadget.

4) Keep Food Away From the Fountain

If your cat drinks from the fountain and some of the water splashes onto their food, they might be less inclined to do so in the future out of concern that their food will become soggy. Fortunately, some pet water fountains have settings that let you control the water flow. However, it’s best to keep your cat’s water away from their food if they tend to be messy drinkers in general.

5) Keep Fresh Water Available in a Different Bowl

If turning on the water fountain didn’t go so well, be patient and keep giving them access to another clean water source. By taking away other water sources, you are forcing them to drink from the fountain, which is not a smart idea. They might develop a bad impression of the fountain as a result.

6) Reward Your Cat for Using the Fountain

Even if the fountain is off, if you see your cat drinking from it, reward them with a cat treat. They will feel proud of themselves and receive encouragement to continue using their new water source as a result.

7) Turn the fountain on and continue rewarding them.

Turn on the powered-off fountain and check to see if they use it after they have reacted favorably and begun to use it more. Keep in mind that waiting for them can make them anxious, so be patient and refrain from doing so.

8) Slowly remove the secondary water source and taper back on rewards.

Watch how much water your cat is consuming once they begin using the fountain. You can use this to determine when to eliminate the secondary water supply. Keep in mind that cats require one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. When they start to associate the fountain favorably with you, you can gradually cut back on giving them treats and start complimenting them instead.

Cat water fountain upkeep

Just like you would with a regular water bowl, keep in mind to regularly clean the bowl and provide them fresh water each day. Also, remember to swap out the filters as necessary. Usually, you can find this information online by searching for the maker of the fountain or in the instruction manual. Unfortunately, not all cats may respond well to these suggestions. It’s critical to persist in your efforts to persuade them to use their water fountain. Even though the process of getting your cat to drink from a water fountain is challenging, it is worthwhile. After that, you can relax knowing that you are giving them access to filtered, clean, and fresh water.