Will my cat ever like me

Even if it can be simpler to establish a strong attachment straight away with a bouncy kitten, it’s not impossible to accomplish the same with an older cat. Although it can require a little more patience and traditional TLC to establish the bond, adult cats still need to be loved.

Time Frame

When it comes to bonding with an adult cat, refrain from thinking in terms of a predetermined “time window.” Each cat is unique, after all. Strong bonds take time to develop, but the effort is worthwhile in the end. It will most likely take even longer if the cat has a history of maltreatment or neglect. Being patient is crucial in this situation because it could take months or longer.


When it comes to developing a bond with an adult cat, the magic word is “trust.” The link will form as soon as you have trust. Making sure your cat views you as a source of comfort is crucial. She will feel more secure if you talk to her in a calm, quiet voice, offer her regular playtime, and softly stroke and rub her back and head.


You must give your cat the reins if you want to develop a strong bond with her. No pressure; let her progress at her own pace. Don’t act in a forceful manner. Give her some space if she ever doesn’t want to play or be petted.

Other People

It is excellent when your cat gets along with—or at least tolerates—other people in addition to strengthening her bond with you. More is better, right? Allowing your cat to be around other people can help her become a happy, friendly, loving, and well-adjusted feline, and what could be better than that? This applies to your immediate family, your best friend, or the neighbor down the street.

Will my cat ever like me?

So will your cat ever like you? Cats can take a while to warm up to people. There’s a really good chance your cat will eventually grow to like you. With time and patience, your cat will warm up to you and grow to trust you.