Maine Coon Temperament

Maine Coons are known for their incredible personalities, and they make great companions and family pets for many people. But if you just judge a Maine Coon by their appearance – their gigantic, longhair bodies and fierce lion gaze – you might think that you’re facing an unruly and even feisty cat. Of course, the this couldn’t be any further from the truth, because like Golden Retrievers or Labradors, Maine Coon’s are bought largely for their gentle, loving temperament.

1. Maine Coons are “Gentle Giants”

Maine Coons are considered to be the gentle giants of the cat world because despite their intimidating size (some look like a small lion!), they’re incredibly patient and laid-back. If you have a dog or are considering getting one (or even a rambunctious puppy), a Maine Coon might just be a great fit. They’re one of the only felines that will patiently put up with a playful companion vying for their attention, and even welcome it sometimes.
Maine Coons are usually great with children, assuming they’re treated properly and are under adult supervision under a certain age. But the constant commotion and high energy of a dynamic family with kids and other pets doesn’t phase the Maine Coon because they can stay calm through it all.

2. Maine Coons are considered “dog-like”

To further paint a picture of the Maine Coon’s general temperament, many owners and cat enthusiasts call them “dog-like” because of their social, playful and loyal personalities. Don’t expect your Maine Coon to hide under the bed all the time; they’ll want to be by your side or in the thick of the action.
Also unlike most cats, Maine Coons develop a special bond and loyalty to their owner. They don’t just see all people as one general humanoid, but instead learn who people are individually. They’ll catch on to your preferences and habits and want to please you, and they’ll give preference to you as the owner over anyone else in the room.

3. Maine Coons are Playful

Maine Coon Temperament

Maine Coons require plenty of mental and physical stimulation and can get bored very easily. They’re not typically lazy cats (although most cats are lazy now and then) and will require a lot of interaction to keep them occupied.
Combined with their high intelligence, their playfulness will get them into mischief if not diverted; they’ll be looking for something to play with whether you like it or not!
Maine Coons are also known for being excellent mousers, which stems back to their days as ship cats off the coast of Maine where their job was to keep the vessels free of mice and rats. They’re also not afraid of water, and will even enjoy playing in a sink or shower or going for a swim!

4. Maine Coons are very, very social

Maine Coon Temperament

Perhaps one of the first things you’ll notice about the Maine Coon is their desire to be at the center of attention. Maine Coons are considered high maintenance in terms of their need for social interaction, whether it be with people or other pets. Expect to hear their signature chirping meow trying to capture your attention, and don’t be surprised if they follow you around the house or demand your lap as soon as you sit down.
If you work long hours or know that the house will be empty for long periods of the day, it might be a good idea to consider getting another pet to keep your Maine Coon from getting lonely.