Maine Coon Personality

Aside from their astonishing physical stature, Maine Coons have an absolutely lovable personality. Their unique behaviors have won them incredible popularity among Maine Coon fans everywhere, and for good reason! If you’re wondering whether a Maine Coon has the right personality for your home, or you just want to learn more about this amazing cat, this complete guide to the Maine Coon’s personality is perfect for you!

1. Dog-like

Maine Coon dog-like

One of the first things any Maine Coon owner will tell you about their cat is that they’re basically the dogs of the cat world. Outgoing, playful, and compatible with many other animals and children, they’re unlike any cat you’ve ever seen. Some Maine Coons will even excitedly greet their owner at the door!

They’re incredibly loyal and will treat all members of the household like family. And if that doesn’t make them dog-like enough, their incredible size will convince you!

2. Social

Maine Coons are very social cats and will often be curious and attentive to what their owners are doing (and want to be a part of it!). Some Maine Coons can even be trained to come when called. They often need a lot of attention and interaction, so it might be a good idea to get them a kitty companion if you’ll be away from home often.

3. Gentle

Their large, shocking build can make Maine Coon’s seem intimidating and even downright scary, like having a wild bobcat in your home! But make no mistake, this breed is incredibly gentle and calm, and usually gets along well with other pets and children. Their very laid back and patient nature makes them very adaptable to different environments and sets them apart from most house cats.

4. Intelligent

Maine Coon intelligent

Maine Coons are surprisingly intelligent and will pick up on things very quickly after first entering your home. They’ll often learn to make different sounds to communicate with their owners, their own kitty language if you will!

They’re also generally easy to train (with a few treats, of course) and can be trained to be good travel companions.

5. Mousers

With a Maine Coon you’ll never have to worry about mice in the house again! They’re incredible hunters, and love to hunt down and catch mice. Buying them any toys that replicate the movements of a mouse will surely bring them lots of joy!

6. Like Water

Unlike most cats, Maine Coons actually like water! You might just find your Maine Coon playing in the sink, joining you in the bathtub or shower, or even swimming. Maine Coons actually got the “Coon” part of their name because they love playing in water like raccoons, and even look like them doing so!

7. Affectionate

As social and loyal as they are, Maine Coons are very affectionate and will not turn down a good cuddle session! Chances are your Maine Coon will follow you around from time to time and insist on sitting or laying right next to you on the couch, or on your lap if additional space isn’t available. And they love affection from just about anyone, whether it be kids, adults or other pets.

8. Playful

Maine Coon playful

Maine Coons do NOT like to be bored, and need plenty of toys and interaction to keep from going stir-crazy. Leaving a Maine Coon alone for too long without much to play with is a ticket for mischief; they’ll create their own entertainment if you don’t!