Ragdoll Price

Ragdolls are an incredibly popular and highly sought-after cat breed, which is really no surprise given their lovable personalities and silky, plush coat. Ragdolls are famously bred for their laid-back and loyal personalities, and many people will describe them as being dog-like. It’s a no-brainer; if you get a Ragdoll, you’ll have an amazing companion for many years.

But with high popularity comes a high price. Ragdolls are by no means cheap, costing on average between $800 – $2500 depending on several key factors.

“Quality” of Ragdoll

The term “quality” in regards to Ragdoll breeding has nothing to do with health or how lovable your Ragdoll kitten will be, but instead measures how close the Ragdoll is to the breed standard set by any of the major cat registries.

Quality of breed will affect the price greatly, so be sure to know ahead of time what level of Ragdoll quality you’re looking for before purchasing one.

Pet Quality – $800+

Pet quality just means that for whatever reason the Ragdoll cannot be used in shows because it lacks certain characteristics required in breed standards for Ragdolls. These could be incorrect markings, eye color, body color or coat length.

Pet quality Ragdolls are still genetically Ragdolls, they just happened to be born with a characteristic that cannot be accepted at the show level. Generally these pet quality Ragdolls have the same lovely temperament and personality Ragdolls are known for, and make excellent pets.

Show Quality – $1200 – $2300

A show quality cat is one that has the correct color and markings to be accepted into a cat show. When you see a picture of a show quality Ragdoll there is no doubt that it’s indeed a Ragdoll!

At this price range show quality cats are going to be spayed or neutered so they cannot be bred to make more show quality kittens.

Breeder Quality – $1500 – $2500

A breeder quality Ragdoll isn’t quite the same as a show quality Ragdoll because they don’t necessarily need to have a perfect appearance for shows, but they can be bred to make excellent litters of Ragdolls. Aside from not being fixed, breeder quality Ragdolls have been tested and confirmed free of genetic diseases so they cannot pass on health problems to the kittens.

Breeder Quality AND Show Quality – $2300+

The priciest quality category for Ragdolls is going to be a cat that is suitable for shows and is also able to breed. Because these Ragdolls are suitable for shows, it’s thought that their Ragdoll litters are more likely to also be show quality cats due to the high quality genes.

Colors and Patterns of Ragdolls

Sometimes specific color or patterned Ragdolls can fetch a higher price because of their rarity and unique appearance. Examples of these might be Torties, Flames, Creams and Lilacs, which are all less common. Some pet quality Ragdolls can fetch a higher price just because they are one of these rare colors.

Age of the Ragdoll

Ragdoll Price

In the Ragdoll world age is not just a number. All the prices we’ve talked about so far apply to buying a Ragdoll kitten as they’re the most sought after and what you’re most likely to find. However, sometimes breeders will sell their retired breeding Ragdolls or you’ll find an owner selling an older Ragdoll they can no longer care for, and these cats will be much, much cheaper than that of a kitten. Don’t be surprised to see a price closer to $100-400.

Just because a Ragdoll is older doesn’t mean they’re any less lovable or have any worse temperament. They can sometimes be a bit easier to care for than a rambunctious kitten and right have as many special dietary or vet needs (depending on the age).

Breeder Care

One of the factors that always plays a role in the higher price of a Ragdoll is the time and monetary cost that goes into caring for the mother and raising kittens. Breeding Ragdolls is not cheap and if you expect to have a healthy, well-adjusted Ragdoll kitten then expect to pay the price. Just some of the costs that go into breeding and raising Ragdolls are:

  • Regular examinations and a clear bill of health by a licensed veterinarian
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • All necessary vaccinations up to date
  • Deworming
  • Health records
  • Official breed registration
  • Housing for the Ragdolls
  • High quality food, medications, toys and cat furniture

A high quality breeder might also provide:

  • Microchip with registration
  • A pet insurance trial
  • Toys
  • An airline approved carrier
  • Food to help you transition

High Demand for Ragdolls

Ragdoll Price

At the end of the day, high demand for anything will drive up prices. Ragdolls are inarguably one of the most popular cat breeds to own, so don’t be surprised if you’re put on a several-month waiting list just to get your kitten.

Adopting a Ragdoll

Although there are some Ragdolls in need of adoption, they are few and far between and many get adopted very fast. Nonetheless, you can keep up to date with rescue organizations that work specifically with Ragdolls and wait until one becomes available.

Adopted Ragdolls are always going to be far cheaper than one bought from a breeder. Expect to pay only around $100 for one.

It’s also important to make sure that the Ragdoll being put up for adoption is actually a registered Ragdoll or verifiable in some way. Just because it looks like one, doesn’t mean it is.

The cat should also be up to date on all their vaccinations and be tested for genetic disorders.

Beware of Cheap Breeders

It’s also good to be cautious of any breeder trying to sell a Ragdoll for super cheap. If they claim the Ragdoll kitten is in perfect condition, but selling for $400 or less, you might want to do a little more digging. Find reviews of the breeder or ask to see their breeding facility. You can gain a lot of information just by how open and willing they are to let you see the cats they’re breeding.

Ask a lot of questions to the breeder, including whether all their cats have been genetically tested, if any came up positive for common genetic issues in Ragdolls and the registry papers of the parents. Any reputable breeder will be able to answer these questions quickly and without hesitation and even be glad you’re asking them.

Remember, there are plenty of breeders just trying to make a quick buck, and might not even be selling you a Ragdoll at all. Check out our breeder page for a list of high quality breeders you can trust.