I’ve got an incredible story to share with you about two remarkable cats who share an unbreakable bond. They’ve been waiting for their dream home together for a whopping six months. Let’s dive right in!

Meet Milo, a handsome tabby, and Angus, a sleek black kitty. These two adorable feline brothers found themselves at Nashville Cat Rescue when their owner could no longer care for them due to health issues. At the time, they were already 10 years old and had been inseparable since birth.

When Sarah Sylvester, a foster parent for Nashville Cat Rescue, first laid eyes on Milo and Angus, she was instantly drawn to their special bond. Despite their age, she knew they deserved a loving family to spend their golden years with.

Now, when Milo and Angus made their journey to their foster home, it wasn’t without its challenges. Angus, being vocal, expressed his feelings, while Milo felt anxious after leaving the only place they had ever known. Sarah made sure to set them up in a cozy room with food and water, giving them time to decompress.

For the first couple of weeks, Angus sought solace in a small cubbyhole in a cat tree, only emerging briefly for essential activities. Milo, on the other hand, started adjusting to their new surroundings. Sarah patiently sat with them, playing sounds and tones to help them acclimate.

As time went on, Milo slowly made his way towards Sarah for pets and scritches. He was the more confident of the two and took the lead in forming a friendship with her. It was heartwarming to see Milo’s progress.

During this time, Sarah noticed some concerning signs in Milo’s health, including a greasy coat, dull eyes, and excessive thirst. She wasted no time and took him to an animal hospital. After several tests, Milo was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. Sarah was devastated, but Milo handled his shots and tests with grace and patience. He truly is a brave and affectionate kitty.

Milo’s health journey didn’t dampen his spirit. He embraced diet changes, tests, and medical procedures, all while sporting an adorable snaggletooth. Sarah couldn’t have asked for a better companion through the diabetes management process.

As for Angus, he slowly started coming out of his shell, observing the world around him. One day, he decided to take a leap of faith and fully accept Sarah as his foster mom. He loves being wherever she is, always seeking her company. Though a bit skittish and easily intimidated, Angus is a big sweetheart at heart.

While Milo and Angus got along well, it took a loud storm to reveal the depth of their bond. Sarah, away at her office, checked on them through a cat camera and witnessed something truly heart-melting. They huddled together in a corner, comforting each other during the storm. This was the moment Sarah realized just how much they relied on one another.

Even with three litter boxes available, the brothers preferred sharing one. And when it comes to dining, Milo willingly steps aside to let Angus sneak a snack from his bowl. However, this courtesy doesn’t extend to their friendly resident cat, Sam, whom they’ve befriended.

“Milo gives Angus strength and courage, and Angus is a comforting companion for Milo. They have weathered life together and draw a tremendous amount of comfort from each other,” Sarah shared.

Milo and Angus each have their unique personalities. Milo is brave and confident, while Angus is a bit more timid. However, they both adore attention and affection. Milo loves belly kisses and will even reach out his paws to keep your hand close. Angus isn’t shy about vocalizing his need for affection and enjoys sunbathing with his perfectly crossed front paws.

Bedtime has become a routine for the trio. As early as 7 PM, Milo and Angus wait patiently for Sarah to settle in. Once she does, Angus flanks her left side, and Milo flanks her right. They find comfort in the stability of a daily routine and thrive on attention and affection. Even when Sarah has visitors, they make friends easily, sharing their abundance of love.

It has been an incredible honor for Sarah to be a part of Milo and Angus’ journey. She can’t wait to see them find their forever human, someone who will cherish them as much as they cherish each other.

If you’re touched by Milo and Angus’ story, please share it with your friends. They are looking for their forever home through Nashville Cat Rescue. You can also keep up with the pair and Sarah’s other fosters on Instagram @herekittykittyfoster. Let’s help these loving brothers find the perfect home!

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