Kurdish farmer Goran A. Surchi was just minding his own business when he got a bit of a surprise. When he heard some unusual noises coming from his chicken coop, he naturally thought that maybe his feathery friends were in some kind of danger.

But hold on to your hats because here’s the twist: as Surchi approached the chicken coop, expecting the worst, he found that his fears were totally unfounded. No ruffled feathers, no distressed clucks – everything seemed perfectly fine.

However, the source of the commotion wasn’t some chicken emergency; it was meowing! Yes, you heard that right. Meowing coming from the hens.

Now, you might think, did a mischievous cat sneak in for a poultry snack? But nope, the sound seemed to be coming from under one of the hens. Picture this: Surchi, being the curious farmer he is, gently lifts the feathery guardian and what does he find? A miracle, that’s what. Underneath the big, motherly hen, nestled three little baby kittens, looking up at him with those wide, innocent eyes.

It turns out these little furballs were orphaned, left to fend for themselves. But fear not, because Mother Hen here decided to step in and play momma. Surchi, still probably processing this unexpected family dynamic, shared the heartwarming scene on his TikTok, and guess what? It blew up! Over 300,000 views in just a few days. People couldn’t get enough of this adorable foster mom and her feathered brood.

“I’ve rarely seen anything so cute,” one user gushed, and another chimed in, “My heart is about to burst!” Talk about a clucking good surprise in the chicken coop, right?

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