A pilot is cruising along, minding his own business on a flight from Khartoum to Doha, Qatar, when out of nowhere, an unexpected passenger appears! Yep, you guessed it – a sneaky little cat managed to sneak into the cockpit.

Within just 30 minutes of take-off, this feisty feline launched a surprise attack on the pilot, scratching him in the process. Can you believe it? Turns out, this daring kitty had snuck on board while the plane was being cleaned before take-off. Talk about a surprise ambush!

Now, here’s the real head-scratcher – we don’t know how the pilot’s doing or even how many other passengers were on board during this “crime scene.” And get this, the fate of our furry friend remains a mystery too! Was she someone’s pet, or just a brave little adventurer seeking high-altitude thrills?

This isn’t the first time a cat has caused chaos in the sky. Back in 2012, a mischievous kitten pulled a similar stunt in Canada, causing a four-hour delay. Cats really do have a knack for making unexpected appearances, don’t they?

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