Let me introduce you to Blue, the charming 23-pound Maine Coon who’s a pro at slumber parties with his neighbor!

When Blue’s human pulls the night shift, this feline fashionista grabs his pajamas and heads just two doors down for an overnight escapade.

It’s practically a routine now – every time his owner gears up for the night shift, Blue casually strolls over, gives a polite knock on the neighbor’s door, and voila, he’s got himself an invitation for a cozy night.

Blue is such a fan of this arrangement that he’s practically a regular, showing up almost every single night his human is at work.

The neighbor, clearly entertained by Blue’s nightly visits, decided to share some adorable snapshots of this Maine Coon’s slumber party antics on Reddit.

First on the agenda? Cuddle time with the welcoming neighbor, followed by a bit of catching up on each other’s lives.

But Blue doesn’t forget the essentials – a midnight snack is a must. And with his size, he’s the undisputed king of reaching those kitchen counters.

Looks like this big ball of fur has mastered the art of having two homes, and he’s undoubtedly one lucky kitty to be showered with love in both households!

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