The internet recently witnessed a true “cat-astrophe” as poor Odin, a good-natured dog, found himself ousted from his cozy spot by a very confident cat!

With over a million viewers, the viral video on Twitter showcased Odin’s hilarious reaction as he tried to reclaim his bed from the feline usurper.

In the footage, instead of standing his ground, Odin appears resigned, almost intimidated by the cat’s bold takeover. It’s crystal clear who wears the pants, or in this case, who owns the bed!

Odin makes a valiant attempt to fit into the tiny cat bed, putting his paws inside, while the cat lounges comfortably, blissfully ignorant of the canine dilemma.

“Why are you standing in the kitty bed?” teases Odin’s owner. “Is it because kitty is in your bed?”

In a heartwarming yet comical twist, the poor pupper struggles to squeeze himself into the undersized bed. The video concludes with laughter and a sympathetic “Oh buddy!” from Odin’s owner.

Commenters flooded the video with empathy for the dog’s predicament, with one labeling the cat “naughty” and another comparing the situation to “the cone of shame.”

“I’d swap beds with Odin!” offered a compassionate viewer. Twitter users also shared photos of their own pets caught up in funny squabbles with their animal housemates.

Perhaps, one day, these furry siblings will master the art of sharing!

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