Meet Xeno and Luna, the dynamic duo of feline antics! These two siblings have a relationship that’s the perfect mix of cuddles and wrestling matches.

One moment, you’ll find them peacefully dozing off side by side, and the next, they’re engaged in an epic wrestling showdown.

Xeno, the charming orange tabby, and Luna, the brown and black tabby, have been play-fighting since their kitten days.

Growing up together, they’ve become masters at the art of sibling banter.

While most of their scuffles are all in good fun, Luna recently caught Xeno red-pawed, committing what she deemed the ultimate crime, and she wasn’t going to let it slide.

Their playful interactions are a sight to behold, especially when Luna, despite being the same age, always seems to have the upper paw when it comes to pinning Xeno down.

Their mom, sharing their shenanigans on TikTok, humorously noted, “I guess Luna could beat up her brother ever since they were little.”

In their early days, mischievous Xeno had a knack for finishing Luna’s meals behind their mom’s back.

To keep the peace, he learned to be patient and wait until Luna was done before diving into her food bowl. According to their mom, Xeno is not only a big cuddler but also a devoted foodie. She playfully adds, “[Luna’s] in charge.”


Don’t worry, we always made sure she had extra food because of it! 🤍 He slowly learned that he couldn’t just cut in🙄 #catsoftiktok #xenoandluna #viral #fyp #cats #brotherandsister #cutecats #kittens #sneakykitty #cute

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Despite Luna being the boss, Xeno can’t resist pushing his sister’s buttons.

His rebellious spirit led to a hilarious incident where Luna decided to teach him a lesson for gobbling up her dinner.

Xeno found himself trapped in an empty donut box with Luna triumphantly standing on the lid.

“Stealing cat food is a serious offense in this house,” their mom quipped. Luna, making it clear who’s in charge, used the donut box as a cat trap to ensure Xeno learned his lesson. Eventually breaking free, Xeno attempted revenge, but Luna’s tactic proved superior.

In the end, their feud was settled with a side-by-side nap, which, predictably, turned into another wrestling match.

Despite their daily play fights, the love between Xeno and Luna is unbreakable.

When not engaged in playful spats, you’ll often find them snuggled up, a testament to the enduring bond these two mischievous siblings share. “Even though they fight, they are best friends,” their mom affectionately noted on TikTok. “[Xeno] loves his sister.”

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