Bella found herself in need of help and a loving home. It all started about two months ago when Damaris from NYC noticed a cat near a bodega, looking a bit lost and in need of assistance.

Despite the initial assumption that the rotund cat was a boy, Damaris soon discovered that this feline was, in fact, a pregnant girl.

Concerned for her well-being, Damaris reached out to Alyssa, a volunteer at PuppyKittyNYCity Rescue, for help.

Damaris, being the kind soul she is, offered to foster the cat temporarily until a space opened up for Bella at the rescue. The cat, now named Bella, went home with Damaris, where she received a safe haven and plenty of love. Bella quickly became affectionate toward her rescuer.

Now, here comes the twist. Within just 24 hours of being rescued, Bella surprised everyone by giving birth to a litter of five kittens under Damaris’s daughter’s bed.

Talk about a whirlwind of events! Despite having no experience with newborn kittens, Damaris sprung into action, learning on the spot to ensure Mama Bella and her babies were well cared for.

Thanks to Damaris’s timely rescue, the kittens were born in a safe and loving environment. A few days later, Alyssa welcomed the feline family of six into her care, setting up a cozy kitten nursery and providing abundant food for Bella.

Alyssa shared, “I watched her care for her newborns around the clock – grooming them, chirping to them. She’s been like that ever since. We’re so lucky she and all her babies made it.”

When one of the kittens needed a little extra help in the weight department, Alyssa stepped in with supplemental feedings, ensuring Mama Bella got the support she needed too.

Bella, the superstar mom, gives her kittens undivided attention, keeping them clean and well-fed. Despite being wrestled and climbed on, she continues to dote on them.

As the kittens grow bigger and more playful, Bella’s affectionate nature shines through. Alyssa encourages more people to foster, emphasizing the rewarding experience it brings.

The playful bunch will be looking for loving homes once they’re ready for adoption, and Mama Bella already has a special place waiting for her—Damaris, her rescuer, has decided to make her a permanent part of the family. Talk about a perfect ending to a beautiful story!

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