A furry tale unfolded when a long-haired grey tabby found herself in a carrier just days before becoming a mom.

Sophie, a local animal rescuer with a soft spot for strays, spotted the expectant tabby roaming the streets. With a swift rescue, the soon-to-be mom was off the streets and into a cozy room with all the comforts.

Days later, Sophie was surprised to discover three tiny additions in the kitty room—safe and sound, away from the uncertainties of the outdoors.

Realizing the new mom needed some guidance, a foster volunteer from Chatons Orphelins Montreal stepped in to help. The feline family of four found their way to a new foster home, where the kittens received the care they needed.

“Their foster mom began bottle-feeding them to make sure the babies continued to make gains,” shared the rescue with us.

After a bit of round-the-clock feeding, the kittens started thriving, and Tikita, the cat mom, embraced her role with devotion.

With the support of the foster family, the kittens thrived in a loving environment. Kookie, Smooty, and Toopie, as they were named, hit various milestones and displayed their unique personalities.

In a heartwarming video, the trio explored their surroundings, quickly learning the ropes from their watchful mom. From imitating her eating habits to playful romps, these kittens proved they owned the place.

Now, ready for new adventures, Sweet Mama Tikita is on the lookout for a forever family. She’s a talkative cat, cooing and chirping like a pigeon, seeking her people with meows.

“While a bit shy at first, once you win her purrs, she’ll ask you for cuddles over and over,” the rescue shared.

The three kittens, Kookie, Smooty, and Toopie, have blossomed into charming young cats, each with a unique and endearing personality.

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