Maple, a cat with unwavering dedication, never lost sight of her kitten, Cider, when they were discovered together outdoors.

Maple and her little one ended up in a shelter, and with Cider being the lone survivor of his litter at just one day old, the mother-son duo needed a foster home. Luckily, Jenn, a volunteer with Metro Animal Care and Control, stepped in to help.

Initially scared and bewildered, Maple blossomed into a sweet, affectionate cat once settled into a calm, secure space. Grateful for a safe environment, she cared for her sole fur child, Cider.

Over the following weeks, Cider grew in size and strength, becoming an adorable, rotund ball of fur. Maple was a constant presence, hovering over him as he explored the world on his wobbly legs.

Around the same time, another orphaned tabby, Clove, joined Jenn’s care. Cider immediately embraced his new sister, showering her with affection. Maple, after a brief introduction, accepted Clove, and together with Jenn, they took turns caring for the tabby girl.

Maple and Cider shared a unique and heartwarming bond. Maple responded promptly to Cider’s cries and followed him around as he ventured into the room. Cider grew into the happiest and chunkiest kitten, enjoying playtime, snacks, and the watchful eye of his devoted mom.

As Cider was weaned, Maple regained her playful kitten spirit. When it was time to find them a forever home, Tobey, an adopter, instantly fell for Cider. Learning about Maple’s story, Tobey couldn’t bear to separate the inseparable duo and decided to adopt them together.

Jenn, the foster mom, expressed her joy, “Not only am I just beyond thrilled that someone wanted to adopt a mama cat (they are often overlooked), but I couldn’t be happier that these little besties get to be together forever.”

Maple’s foster baby, Clove, also found a home with her new friend Cosmo, closing the chapter on a remarkable journey. Maple and Cider (now Waffles) have finally found their dream home, ensuring they’ll never be apart.

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