In London, curiosity didn’t just kill the cat; it found him a cozy spot in a real estate ad!

Michael Hubank, a scientific researcher and cat enthusiast, stumbled upon his neighbor’s house listing online. As he scrolled through the property photos on Zoopla, something caught his eye on page 13 – his own cat, Freddy, lounging on the neighbor’s bed!

Sharing his discovery on Twitter, Hubank humorously exclaimed, “Neighbors put the house up for sale. Couldn’t resist checking it out on Zoopla. That’s our bloody cat.”

The tweet quickly went viral, amassing over 326,000 likes, with cat owners commiserating over their own feline friends’ sly antics.

“Cats have no loyalty,” one user shared. Another recounted a similar experience: “My friend…saw pix of her cat in frames lounging in the [neighbors’] living room.”

Freddy, the mischievous double-lifer, seems to be “feline” fine and enjoying his newfound fame. Hubank posted a selfie with Freddy after the tweet went viral.

Reflecting on the unexpected attention, Hubank, a researcher at Royal Marsden Hospital, quipped, “Typical. A decade of posting thoughtful comments about #genomics goes largely unnoticed. But you send ONE cat tweet…that’s enough cats!”

It looks like Freddy is not just hogging attention at home but also making a splash on the internet!

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