Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, this delightful tale that’ll make you smile. Imagine a little black kitten named Meredith, wide-eyed and curious, getting her very first taste of a Starbucks Frappuccino. It’s like the ultimate feline dream come true!

Foster the Furbabies, a rescue agency in New Jersey, captured this adorable moment and shared it online. In the video, Meredith dives headfirst into the Frappuccino, her face practically disappearing in the frothy goodness. It’s a hilarious sight that had over 13 million TikTok users and countless Instagram fans laughing along.

The caption playfully suggests that Starbucks should sponsor these adorable feline antics, and honestly, who wouldn’t want Meredith as their new spokesperson?

As Meredith enthusiastically laps up the drink, the ladies from Furbabies can’t help but giggle at her milk-drunk expressions. “It’s so bad… It’s a sin!” they laugh, watching as Meredith goes back for more, totally unapologetic for her Frappuccino frenzy.

While the video sparked a lively debate among viewers about whether cats should have dairy, Furbabies cleared the air with a disclaimer. They assured everyone that this was a one-time treat for Meredith and that she’s happy and healthy. As one user aptly put it, “The cat was like ‘I have zero regrets.'”

And there you have it – a purrfectly adorable moment that brought joy to millions. Cheers to Meredith and her newfound fame!

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