Meet Madison Ellis, a junior at the University of Florida, and future veterinarian in the making. Now, this girl doesn’t just talk the talk; she’s walking the walk by raising a whole furry family – eight cats, five dogs, and even a pig. Yep, you heard that right. Madison is basically running a pet haven, and most of her crew are rescues.

“I pretty much handle all the pet duties myself, with a bit of backup from my mom, who happens to be my roomie,” Madison spilled to BuzzFeed News. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially in this animal-loving household.

Now, let’s talk about the newest sensation in Madison’s animal kingdom – a 2-month-old kitten named Cinderella, or Ella for short. This little ball of fur entered Madison’s life in quite the dramatic fashion. Picture this: Madison almost mowing down a bunch of kittens on a dark road one night. Yikes! But fear not, Ella got a superhero rescue moment.

“I was heading home one night at about 2 in the morning…there were a ton of kittens just everywhere,” Madison shared. She managed to dodge Ella, scoop her up, and rush her to an emergency vet. Luckily, Ella came out unscathed, and Madison decided, “You’re coming home with me, little one.”

Ella, according to Madison, is the class clown of cats. “She’s not scared of anything. She likes to chase my dogs around the house and teases my other cats that are probably three times her size.” Talk about a tiny but mighty kitty!

Now, let’s not forget about another star in Madison’s pet galaxy – Jesus, the clingy cat she rescued from under her house. “He’s a very sweet cat and loves to be carried around the house while I clean [and] cook,” Madison gushed.

Feeding time in this animal utopia can get a bit wild, so Madison has a strategic move – feeding the cats in the bathtub to keep the dogs at bay. Ella, with her own kitten food, never joined in. Until one day, she hopped in all on her own, probably thinking, “Why not spice things up?”

Madison, being the proud pet parent she is, decided it was a Kodak moment. But oh boy, Jesus was having none of it. He photobombed Ella’s glamour shot, making it clear, “Hey, pay attention to ME!”

“If you’re a pet owner, you know there’s no wrong time to take a picture of your pets,” Madison laughed, sharing the chaos that comes with capturing these precious moments.

So, what happened next? Madison shared the hilarious photobomb on Twitter, and boom – it went viral! People across the internet fell head over paws for the jealous kitty saga.

Madison never expected her photo to blow up the internet. “It’s been insane! But in a good way,” she exclaimed. Don’t worry, Madison, your online fame is well-deserved in the world of adorable, jealous kitties!

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