In early November, a tiny feline with a mischievous “wink” on her face made a surprise appearance in an Orlando, FL driveway. The Good Samaritan who discovered her affectionately named her Bug, noticing the tuxedo-clad kitten had an upper respiratory infection and some facial quirks.

The compassionate finder took Bug under her wing and reached out to Liberation Cat House, a local cat rescue. Ashley, director and foster at Liberation Cat House, stepped in to help, saying, “She was caring for the kitten while searching for a rescue, and thankfully, I had the space to help.”

Bug, around six weeks old, sported one open eye and one nostril. The closed eye presented challenges as the eyelid and eyeball didn’t fully develop, and the open eye’s iris was partially underdeveloped. Despite potential vision difficulties, Bug’s spirit remained unbroken.

“The doctor thinks that she likely was born with very low vision in that (open) eye if she’s not fully blind,” Ashley explained.

Bug wasted no time adjusting to her new surroundings. Exploring with boundless curiosity, she discovered toys and showcased her playful side. “Often kittens will hide or be cautious in new environments, but not Bug. She is very brave, curious, and wants to go everywhere and play with all of the things.”

Bug’s friendly demeanor quickly won Ashley’s heart. “She is super sweet and lets me handle her easily, even taking her meds like a champ.”

Despite her unique conditions, Bug embraces life with zest. Adventurous and inquisitive, she finds joy in every moment. Ashley and her rescue are committed to providing Bug with the best care for her eyes and heart murmur.

“Bug doesn’t know that she has any issues, and we just want to give her the best chance possible,” Ashley expressed. Bug’s resilience and spirited energy inspire hope.

Bug’s journey even turned a visit to the ophthalmologist into a playful escapade. “Everyone just loved Bug, and she was playing in the exam room the whole time. That’s one amazing thing about her — she doesn’t let anything get her down.”

As Thanksgiving approaches, Bug’s story is a testament to resilience, gratitude, and the boundless joy found in embracing life’s adventures. “I think if Bug could talk, she’d say that she has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. She was a tiny kitten with the odds stacked against her and now she has a chance,” Ashley reflected.

Bug, with her permanent wink and sassy smirk, continues to capture hearts with her playful spirit, proving that every moment is an opportunity for happiness.

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