Once a lonely 2-day-old kitten, Colin’s world changed when he found his way to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia. Rescued as an orphan, he spent two weeks receiving round-the-clock bottle feedings and grew into a lively, vocal furball.

Enter Penny Richards, a foster volunteer, who had a litter of four kittens about the same age as Colin. “I agreed to take over his care,” Penny shared.

Colin quickly became part of the foster family, playing, wrestling, and snuggling with his new siblings. The constant meowing for attention turned into joyful interactions with his newfound friends.

“My original four accepted him right away into their family and would cuddle him to show their love,” Penny said. Colin reciprocated the affection by showering them with hugs, creating adorable cuddle puddles.

As more fosters joined the mix, Colin’s cuddle crew expanded, and he embraced the idea that the more, the merrier. He even stood guard while his friends napped, a vigilant protector in his own right.

Colin’s confident personality emerged with feline buddies around, turning him into an energetic ball of mischief. Whether running off to play or seeking love from Penny, he became a delightful bundle of joy.

When it was time for Colin and his foster siblings to find forever homes, the original four were adopted in pairs. Colin, however, found a perfect match with a family looking for a friend for their kitten, Macchiato.

“They fell in love with the tabby boy, and it was love at first meow,” Penny shared. Now, Colin enjoys endless play and cuddle sessions with his feline brother, bringing non-stop excitement to his forever home.

“He’s such a sweet and confident boy who loves everyone he meets.”

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