Let me introduce you to Sandman, the little warrior with a heart full of courage and determination!

One day, volunteers from Coastal Bend Cat Rescue found Sandman, a grey kitten, all alone in a garage. He was the only survivor of his litter, abandoned and desperately in need of help. His mother cat was nowhere to be found, leaving this tiny ball of fur in a dire situation.

Mary Huckabee, a CBCR officer, recalled the moment they found him, “He was the size of a one-week-old kitten, even though he was nearly twice that age based on other age markers.” Despite his frailty, Sandman had a strong will to live.

Dorella, another CBCR officer, stepped in to care for him. It was a challenging journey, but Sandman’s fighting spirit kept him going. “He was a fighter from the moment I got him. He was moving and crying and had the strongest instinct to live,” Dorella shared.

With round-the-clock care, including hourly feedings and plenty of love, Sandman began to thrive. He regained his strength, his appetite, and even found comfort in a snuggle toy with a heartbeat, mimicking the presence of his mama.

As he grew stronger, Sandman was introduced to a new foster home and a feline friend named Taro, a resident cat and CBCR graduate. Taro welcomed Sandman with open paws, teaching him essential kitten skills and showering him with affection.

Despite his small size, Sandman holds his own, wrestling and playing with Taro. His foster carer affectionately mentioned, “Sandman keeps waking me up by nipping my nose. He is not living up to his name (yet).”

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