A little orange kitten named Wicket went through a remarkable transformation after being found in a tough spot near a dumpster.

Hearthside Cats, a New York-based animal rescue, stepped in to rescue her. Ashley Anderson from Hearthside Cats shared, “The moment we laid eyes on her, we knew that she was suffering from injuries far more severe.”

Wicket weighed only 11 ounces and X-rays revealed both a broken jaw and a broken leg. Despite these challenges, Wicket exhibited a strong will to live.

Ashley explained, “From the first night she came to us, she had a light in her, a determination, and a fierce will to live.”

The initial weeks involved round-the-clock care, including syringe feeding, antibiotics, and pain medication.

Wicket’s dedicated medical foster provided the love and support she needed to overcome the hurdles. Slowly, Wicket started gaining weight, getting stronger, and showing signs of healing.

“When she started eating on her own, we breathed a sigh of relief and really started to feel hopeful. She would try to run and play, normal things a healthy kitten would try to do,” said Ashley.

Wicket’s resilience was evident as she surpassed the one-pound mark and befriended the resident dog at her foster home.

Over the next three months, Wicket continued to thrive, defying the odds. “Wicket would not only live, she would thrive. Both her jaw and leg would heal without surgical intervention,” Ashley added.

Now, at six months old, Wicket is a happy, healthy, and playful cat. She found her forever home with one of the caring technicians who helped save her.

Wicket’s family describes her as spunky, determined, playful, and loving. From her challenging start, Wicket has blossomed into a cuddle-bug, enjoying the warmth and comfort of her forever home.

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