Two adorable kittens found themselves in a backyard, desperately squeaking for help. But now, their lives are filled with someone to hold onto every day.

A kind soul, amid home renovations, heard the cries of what seemed like a desperate cat in their backyard. Upon investigation, they discovered a tiny kitten voicing its distress and another a few feet away near the bushes. Unfortunately, their cat mother was nowhere to be found. The kittens were taken in by Nashville Cat Rescue, where dedicated bottle feeders provided round-the-clock care.

“They were filthy and covered in fleas and dirt. It took many baths to get them clean,” shared Becca and Nathan, foster volunteers of the rescue.

Once the kittens, affectionately named Squeak and Adele, were big enough to eat independently, they entered the loving foster care of Becca and Nathan.

From the start, this fluffy duo, nicknamed the snowballs, became instant cuddle-bugs, seeking comfort in the arms of their foster parents. They were often found cozied up for naps on warm laps, creating heartwarming scenes like when Nathan fell asleep with them in his lap.

“Both kittens are small for their age and love to comfort-nurse on blankets and our hands — a symptom of not having a mama kitty to nurse as babies. Otherwise, they are in great shape and adore other cats and everyone that they meet.”

The snowballs, with their perfectly synchronized meows, express their love for attention and snuggles. Squeak, with his blue eyes, gravitates towards Foster Mom, while Adele has a soft spot for Foster Dad.

These inseparable siblings, Squeak and Adele, share everything. They explore, play fetch, nurse on blankets, and demand attention and snuggles from their humans. Their curiosity and vivacity are evident, and they have also formed a strong bond with Phil, their foster big brother.

“Squeak likes to drape himself over whatever blanket or chair or lap he’s sitting on. Adele prefers to curl up in a little ball for her naps,” Becca and Nathan shared.

In the heartwarming journey from a backyard without a mom, these snowballs have come a long way. Now, they have each other, a foster family to adore, and a warm lap always ready for them.

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