Get ready to be amazed by this delightful cat tale that’s taking the internet by storm!

Meet drekicreations and her husband, the proud pet parents of not one, but seven incredible cats! Feeding time in their home might sound like chaos, but it’s actually a well-choreographed performance that showcases the feline brilliance.

In a viral video shared on Reddit, the couple’s seven cats patiently wait for their meals. But here’s the catch – each cat must perform a trick before getting their food. Talk about a dinner ritual!

Before dishing out the meals, drekicreations’ husband addresses each cat by name, asking them to sit. And guess what? These clever kitties not only sit on command but some even give their owner a high five! Now that’s some serious talent.

The cats, named Valerie, Angela, Benjamin, Michaelangelo, Simon, Omar, and Marigold, have charmed the internet with their obedience and adorable antics. Reddit users couldn’t believe their eyes and praised the couple’s impressive training skills.

One user marveled, “You must have started them as kittens? That is amazing! I can’t get one to sit still.” To this, drekicreations responded, “It was 100% a joint effort between my husband and I. The older cats came with me, and one already knew how to sit, but it was his idea to get them all to sit.”

Truly, this couple has become the talk of the town, earning them the title of cat whisperers. Who knew mealtime could be so entertaining and heartwarming? Hats off to these incredible pet parents for turning feeding their feline friends into a spectacular show!

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